What If Michelle Had Been Twins Like Nicky & Alex On 'Full House'?

There comes a time in every series re-watch and/or binge, that one starts to ruminate on plot points and character arcs as if they had written and produced the show themselves. It's not that you think you could have done it better, it's just that all of the untapped potential can really haunt an overly obsessed mega fan, you know? I am currently experiencing this phenomenon with my beloved cheesy sitcom favorite, Full House. More specifically though, one particular question has been weighing on me. What if Michelle had been twins on Full House , like Nicky and Alex? What would have happened then?

Child labor laws, filming schedules, and all that show mumbo jumbo aside, Michelle was played by both Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This was a possibility for them with some especially strategic planning. While Nick and Alex's twin-ness was a cute side note in the greater scheme of the show that they touched on for a few jokes here and there, being that Michelle is a much more major character, I think her being a twin could have directly affected the entirety of the show. And, I also think it could have been pretty entertaining to watch.

Here's what I think would have happened on Full House if Michelle had been a twin like her little cousins, Nicky and Alex:

The Sass Would Have Been Through The Roof


Totally not a bad thing.

There Would Never Be Any Food In The House


The girl liked to eat. And I get it, so do I. But with two foodies in the house, Danny would've racked up some serious grocery shopping debt.

Or, At The Very Least, No Snacks


Which is kind of worse.

There Would've Been Better Moderation Of The Fights Between DJ And Stephanie


Michelle tried to hold down the fort as much as she could, but it's hard for a toddler to play referee, you know?

Uncle Jesse's Time Would've Been Completely Monopolized


Let's be real for a second — Uncle Jesse totally favored Michelle. If there were two of her? See ya never, DJ and Stephanie.

The Guilt Trips Would've Increased Tenfold


I mean, look at that pout. Two people with that pout would've been full-time criminals with all they'd get away with.

At The Same Time, No One Else Would've Gotten Away With Anything


Two snitches are definitely not better than one.

There Would Have Been An Additional Catch Phrase


Though, it would be hard to top the cuteness of the delivery of "You got it, Dude!"

DJ Probably Would've Never Gotten Her Own Cool New Teen Bedroom


You can't very well have three girls sharing a room while one basks in solo glory. I think if Michelle were a twin, the living arrangements would have stayed the same once Uncle Jesse moved in and took over Stephanie's bedroom. DJ and Steph relegated to the room with the beautiful bay window, and Michelle and Twin B in the crayon bed bedroom (nursery?) until someone moved out for college or peaced because they couldn't take Danny's cleanliness any longer.

Though, It Could Have Been Beneficial In That The Attention Would Have Been Split


Listen, as an oldest child, I have long thought that the entire Tanner extended family's preoccupation with all things Michelle was grating at times. Even Nicky and Alex in all of their baby cuteness didn't get half as much shine as the youngest Tanner. What gives?

Taking this all into consideration, Michelle being a twin on Full House could have been overkill. After all, she was a strong presence for a small kid as it was. But, it is still fun to theorize, isn't it?