What Makes Up A Michelle Tanner? Here's What Goes Into 'Full House's Youngest Sibling — GRAPH

The youngest Tanner sibling was a huge part of Full House, and one of its most memorable characters, responsible for all the best Full House catchphrases, cutest outfits, and most aww-inducing moments. It's impossible to imagine the show without her. I mean, if she wasn't there, who would befriend future superstars, bring zoo animals into the house, and say "aw, nuts!" whenever something went wrong? Full House was an amazing show in its own right, but Michelle was the most amazing part for a lot of people — myself included.

But it wasn't all just fun musical numbers and heartwarming moments with Uncle Jesse. The factors that went into creating the darling little girl — and occasionally Little Sister Menace — known as Michelle Tanner were a delicate balance. Michele wasn't a walking "aww!" factory; she was a character as well rounded as her older sisters, father, or uncles. She had her quirks, she fully lived up to her role as the youngest sibling, and she still managed to have a lot more going on than just being The Cute One.

For anyone out there who needs a reminder, here's a summary of what makes up a Michelle Tanner, in pie chart form:

Image: ABC; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle