Tamra Has Come A Long Way Since She Joined 'RHOC'

by Marenah Dobin

Tamra Judge is just one of those people who was meant to be a reality TV star. She always has an interesting story line going on, and no one is ever bored watching her on Real Housewives of Orange County. I feel like the key to Tamra being consistently entertaining is that she is constantly evolving. The woman has come a long way from the Tamra we met during her first season of RHOC . She still has those unique aspects that make her Tamra, but she is just always shocking me with the twists and turns of her life. She has had more image makeovers than Madonna.

Sure, Tamra is still loud, opinionated, and pretty much perfect for reality TV, but she has been through so much since she started out on Real Housewives. She went from being married, to divorced, to dating a hot younger guy, to getting remarried. She added a bunch of new jobs to her resume. And she has taken implants in and out more times than I can count. She also has a revolving door of housewife BFFs since she is always starting some sort of trouble.

Here are eight ways Tamra has changed over the years.

1. She Is No Longer Vicki's BFF

Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson were partners in crime for so long... until Vicki started dating Brooks Ayers. Now they are constantly talking smack about each other on the show and on social media.

2. She Went From Party Girl To Fitness Fanatic

Tamra was all about "getting Gretchen naked wasted" and downing some shots with the girls, but now Tamra has cut out the alcohol and started meal planning on her quest to win fitness competitions.

3. She Became A Grandma

Tamra went from being the self-proclaimed "hottest housewife in Orange County" to the hottest grandma in Orange County when her granddaughter Ava was born.

4. She Found Religion

Tamra used to make fun of Alexis Bellino's religious ways, but last season she found religion and even got baptized at a themed party for the finale episode.

5. She Has A New Husband

When Tamra joined RHOC, she was all about her husband Simon Barney, but now she's married to Eddie Judge. (And it's definitely an upgrade if you ask me.)

6. She Has Changed Her Cup Size (Multiple Times)

I feel like Tamra is getting her boobs redone every other season. They keep changing size from bigger to smaller and back again. She told People of her multiple surgeries, "Then I got them done after my third kid. I thought that instead of getting a lift, I'd fill in the extra skin ... That was a big mistake because then they were too big."

7. She Doesn't Throw Wine Anymore

This new Tamra who is devoted to religion and fitness does not throw wine anymore — at least she hasn't yet. As long as we keep Jeana Keough away from her, I feel like she wouldn't regress to her previous behavior.

8. She Owns A Gym

Tamra joined the show as a real estate agent and although she still has her license, Tamra has also taken on a new career as a fitness studio owner.

If there's one thing you can count on with Tamra it's that she is constantly switching things up. It will be interesting to see where she ends up once Season 11 ends.

Images: RealityTVGIFs/Tumblr (5), Giphy (3)