Lupita Nyong'o Is the New Reigning Queen of Dancing at Award Shows

As if we needed even MORE reasons to swoon for the ever-stunning, charming, and all-around talented Best Supporting Actress nominee Lupita Nyong'o, we just got a brand new one — her absolutely joyous and bright dance moves during Pharrell's performance of his nominated song "Happy." The 12 Years a Slave star popped to her feet and was obviously Pharrell's number one dance card gal. Because, seriously, who else would you want to dance with?

And somewhere in the distance a wave of fear and cold shivers washed over Taylor Swift. The perrennial Awards Show Dancing Phenomenon/Living Meme has just officially been de-throned. Truth be told, all over the Interwebs, T. Swift catches lots of flack for her shall we call them, "OMG BFF FOREVERZ" moves. And well, Taylor, now that we've experienced the joy that is Lupita dancing, it's time for you to take a seat. Or I don't know, maybe you two should get together and throw a dance party, we'd be down for that.

Now getting back to Lupita! 2013's absolute "It Girl" managed to steal the show from a stage full of Old Navy Commercial-level giffy dancers AND Pharrell's famous giant hat. She even managed to get more screen time than MERYL FRIGGIN STREEP. She was all smile, all grace, and oh how that dress moved. Here's to seeing her at awards shows and encouraging us all to embrace that urge to dance whenever we feel it.

Here's our girl Lupita:

And Taylor:


Image: Zimbio