9 Post-Shaving & Waxing Tricks To Avoid Irritation

I just invested in my first epilator. The results are epic, but the process — well, the phrase “beauty is pain” has never been a more apt saying. It’s difficult to know what to do to avoid irritated skin after waxing, shaving, or any kind of hair removal (especially in the bikini area, since that skin is so sensitive), but it is totally possible. There are a few soothing post-shaving and waxing products to stock up on, stat, if you don't want bumps after shaving or itchy red skin.

Red bumps and ingrown hairs from hair removal can last up to three days. Any longer than that, and you should definitely keep an eye on the area, as it very well may be infected. However, a little bit of irritation on the bikini line for a few hours is entirely normal. It’s called folliculitis — you’ve just plucked the hair out at its root, and the hair follicles are inflamed and probably not that happy with you.

Consequently, you’re told to be extremely careful after you’ve removed the hair, as the area is now way more likely to get infected. It’s imperative that you choose fabrics and ingredients that won’t further agitate the skin, and instead get products for after shaving and waxing that promote healing and allow for a soothing break. Check out these tips on how to nurture your bikini line after a wax or a shave, so you can keep your skin smooth and happy.

1. Wear Bamboo Underwear Because It’s Extra Soft And Breathable

Boody Organic Bamboo Underwear (S-XL), $11-$13, Amazon

Bamboo is an awesome fabric to wear after a shave or a wax because it’s lightweight, breathable, and unbelievably soft. Boody Organic's bamboo underwear is made from 80 percent organic bamboo fibers that allow you to move with ease without chafing or rubbing. The words “soft” and “comfortable” are all over the reviews page.

2. Treat Ingrown Hairs With A Natural Serum Before Putting On Undies

Penchant Bare Ingrown Hair Serum, $20, Amazon

To calm and soothe the bikini area right after a wax (and to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs), there’s this Penchant Bare ingrown hair serum. It’s made with awesome, all-natural ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and heal skin more quickly, and the rollerball design makes it easy to apply anywhere on the body.

3. Or Avoid The Bikini Line With Briefs

Foxers Lace Boxer Briefs (XS-XXL), $24-$32, Amazon

When it comes to post-hair-removal underwear, sometimes it’s best to avoid the bikini area altogether. These Foxers lace boxer briefs cut off on your thigh, so there aren’t any irritating seams digging into the area you just waxed. They’re made from soft and lightweight lace that hugs the body, but won’t chafe the skin.

4. Help Skin Heal By Applying Pure Aloe Vera Before Putting On Underwear

Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel, $13, Amazon

Aloe vera is amazing after a shave or a wax because it’s loaded with minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes that heal, moisturize, and soothe skin. Pure Organic's aloe vera gel is one of the best brands out there because instead of fillers, alcohol, synthetic colors, and fragrances, it has only certified pure and organic aloe vera that comes in an easy pump bottle.

5. ...Or Cleanse And Calm Pores With Rose Water

Organic Rose Water Spray, $17, Amazon

This organic rose water spray is an all-natural toner and astringent that’s incredible for calming, moisturizing, cleansing, and healing irritated skin. This one is made from 100 percent pure distilled rosa damascena, and it comes in a classy amber-colored glass bottle that you can conveniently spray onto any area.

6. You Can Also Avoid Seams To Avoid Pain

Drama Queen Seamless Hipster Panties (S-XL), $14, Amazon

These Drama Queen seamless hipster panties won’t irritate your skin, as they’re made from a lightweight barely-there fabric that’s laser-cut to avoid any seams whatsoever. While they’re originally made to stop panty lines through even the sheerest clothing, their two-way stretch and breathability makes them awesome for agitated skin.

7. Prefer Thongs? Wear One Shaped Like The Waxing Station's Disposable Undies

b.tempt'd Lace Kiss Thongs (S-XL), $15-$33, Amazon

B.tempt'd thongs are shaped just like the disposable underwear they give you at the waxing salon, so they entirely avoid the affected area with a streamlined fit and thin seams. The lace is breathable and comfortable, and the band won’t cut into the hip, either.

8. Or Keep It Simple: The Looser, The Better

Boxercraft Women's Boxers (S-XL), $11, Amazon

When it comes to this type of situation, the roomier, the better. Boxercraft's boxers make an awesome post-wax underwear because they’re super loose and made entirely from cotton. They hug the waist with a durable band, but allow tons of room and airflow everywhere else, and because they come in nine adorable designs and are beyond comfortable, these might just become your post-wax go-to.

9. You Can Also Ease Burn And Itch With Tea Tree Oils Before Getting Dressed

Art Naturals Smooth Touch, $17, Amazon

When your bikini line is especially sensitive after a shave, this special formula helps to ease burn and itch with soothing and antibacterial tea tree oils. It unclogs pores, cleanses the skin, and stops ingrown hairs before they begin, which is why this one has raving reviews.

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