Lisa Frank Party Supplies Still Exist Today, Because You're Never Too Old For Rainbow Horses

Whatever you're doing, stop. I'm serious. Next time you organize a shindig, pay homage to the '90s with Lisa Frank party supplies — because these are things that you can actually still buy right now. That's right; they are not one of those sadly forgotten '90s staples that no longer exist. I can vividly remember getting Lisa Frank pencils and tiny notebooks in goodie bags when I was a kid, and I can apparently still recapture that glory today. What a time to be alive!

To be completely transparent, these party favors and supplies may not be entirely new; it has, however, only recently been brought to my attention that they exist, so clearly, that's worth writing about. Bustle has reached out to Lisa Frank for more information, but recieved no response by press time (this post will be updated if/when we hear back); however, that's no reason to be any less excited about the existence of Lisa Frank party supplies in this day and age. According to Brit+Co, you can choose from invitations, blowouts (the party favor kind, not the hair kind), paper cups, hanging decorations, table covers, party hats, favor bags, and more. The '90s child in me almost can't handle all this awesomeness. Can I have these for my next birthday? Is 29 too old for Lisa Frank? Pft. What am I saying? Of course 29 isn't too old. You're never too old for Lisa Frank.

It looks like Lisa Frank's website is under construction at the moment, but you can buy the party favors from a few places online.

9" Lisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Dinner Plates, 8 pack, $2,

Lisa Frank Rainbow Majesty Blowouts, 8 pack, $2,

This news comes on the heels of an announcement that a Lisa Frank ault coloring book is on the way, and I'm about ready to bust out my gel pens and put on some Spice Girls so I can slip into a '90s state of mind. Where are my jelly shoes?

Lisa Frank is certainly timeless, and I have yet to meet a kid who can resist the rainbow-inspired, multi-colored fun. But no one can appreciate Lisa Frank like a '90s kid can. Now, someone bring me those rainbow horses and let's getting partying!

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