These Lisa Frank-Inspired Cupcakes Probably Taste Just How Your Nostalgia Feels

When I was in elementary school in the early 1990s, my friends and I had no higher goal in life than to collect every item ever produced by Lisa Frank. So, needless to say, my inner ‘90s kid is psyched about these glorious Lisa Frank Zebra Cakes. Created by Theresa Rountree at Studio DIY, these Technicolor treats are a play on Little Debbie Zebra Cakes, but instead of the usual yellow cake with white icing and chocolate stripes, these cakes sport colorful icing and a healthy dollop of nostalgia. The inside is the best part: Cutting into a Lisa Frank Zebra Cake reveals a swirl of neon cake colors worthy of the most sparkly unicorn or florescent tiger to ever grace a Trapper Keeper.

You can check out the full recipe for these Lisa Frank cakes over at Studio DIY. Although the gorgeous neon swirl effect in the cake looks like it would be really complicated to reproduce, the recipe actually makes it look fairly simple. You start with a simple yellow cake batter and then mix small batches of different colors using food coloring. After carefully layering the different colored batters in the pan, you bake the whole thing, and Bam! Edible Lisa Frank awesomeness!

Since Millennials seem to be experiencing some serious ‘90s nostalgia lately, it’s no surprise that Lisa Frank-inspired designs and crafts have been cropping up all over the place. Back in March, Studio DIY introduced Lisa Frank Easter eggs (complete with animal print and neon pink and purple, natch), and the brand’s trademark neon colors, rainbows, sparkles, and cartoon creatures have been serving as frequent nail art inspiration on Instagram. Former ‘90s kids who want declare their love for all things Lisa Frank in a major — and permanent — way have even been getting Lisa Frank tattoos. That’s dedication.


And my fave: Those of you looking for a bit of good ol’ female empowerment with your doe-eyed baby seals and psychedelic color schemes, look no further than Feminist Lisa Frank.

Images: Courtesy of Studio DIY (Photographer: Jeff Mindell); Giphy