Can Adults Pass A Middle School Sex Ed Quiz? — VIDEO

What do you remember from middle school sex ed? Not much? Well, you're not alone. All I remember from my seventh grade sex ed class is the burst of laughter that followed after our teacher said "vagina", condoms stretched out over bananas, and the class saying in unison that the one way you know you're ready to have sex with someone is when you're ready to have a child with them.

Yeah, so it's really no secret that sex ed in the U.S. isn't exactly comprehensive — if it's being given to students at all. But without a doubt, we all have some type of memory from sex ed (if we did have it), but whether those memories are tied solely to the ridiculous, cringe-worthy, WTF things we were taught (like women need to "preserve their mystery" and if you have sex, you will get pregnant and die) or they're even applicable in our sex lives now is totally up in the air.

To find out, we put adults to the test when we asked them to take a middle school sex ed quiz, featuring questions about how long the average hetero sex act lasts, pregnancy prevention methods, and whether or not pubic hair actually serves a purpose.

Check out the video below:

Images: Bustle/YouTube