9 Fourth of July Nail Looks To Rock

Fourth of July is almost here, ladies and gents. As you get ready for barbecues and lakeside extravaganzas, it’s time to start thinking about your nails! Here are a few ideas for gorgeous Fourth of July nail art looks to rock if you're feeling extra patriotic.

I love doing my nails for a holiday, especially in the summer. I’ll likely be ditching false eyelashes and an intense highlight for some understated no-makeup makeup, because heat. And humidity. But my nails? They’re the perfect way to celebrate and have fun.

With all the inspiration on the Internet, there’s no excuse for a plain red mani this year. You can get creative with stars and strips, speckles, or even a camo pattern to support the troops. And red, white, and blue aren’t the only colors! Throw in gold or silver sparkle to add depth and delight to an otherwise predictable mani.

Every finger can have the same pattern, or you can do something different with each nail. Get expressive! However, when the time comes to remove your festive mani, remember: Don’t peel your manicure off! It will definitely damage your nails. Instead, stay hydrated to keep your nails healthy and head to the salon to treat yo'self to another mani.

Here are the cutest, most patriotic looks for Fourth of July nails.

1. Basket Weave

I love the texture of this look, and you could make it your own by using lighter or darker hues.

Essie Catch of the Day, $9,

2. Splatter

Want to be patriotic, but still show off your creative side? Look no further.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine Top Coat, $5,

3. Old Glory

Everyone will love this classic look.

Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens, $6,

4. Funky Fresh

I love this look for someone who is easily bored by the same old motif. Mixing in gold with the red, white, and blue adds dimension without being too crazy.

Essie Rock At The Top, $9,

5. Sparkle

Baby, you're a firework! Dip a toothpick into white nail polish for Fourth of July fireworks.

China Glaze I'd Melt For You,

6. Stars & Stripes

Another pretty and classic look that celebrates the stars and bars.

China Glaze Stop That Train,

7. Little Details

You might need help from a professional for this one — or just a friend with a steady hand.

8. American Tips

Instead of stars, you can get figurative and opt for the (easier) white dots.

OPI Kitty White,

9. Support The Troops

Ready to support the troops this holiday? Camo a great way to show solidarity and some serious style.

Essie Power Clutch, $9,

Image: Jenny Claire Fox/YouTube; Courtesy of Brands