The 'Secret Life Of Pets' Voice Cast Is Made Up Of Comedy Royalty

There’s no need to feel embarrassed the next time you lose a fraction of your work day to daydreaming about what shenanigans your pets get up to while you’re gone. The filmmakers behind the new animated movie The Secret Life Of Pets did just that and then enlisted a powerhouse comedic cast to voice those borderline domesticated characters. The movie imagines the parts of their pets lives that owners don’t get to see (or hear — dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, they all talk). Imagine the first Toy Story, but for puppies and kittens instead of Buzz and Woody. The movie comes out on July 8, and it’s loaded with familiar voices. Meet the hilarious voice cast of The Secret Life Of Pets .

I remember back when celeb casting was rare for animated movies. Robin Williams as the Genie in Aladdin? That was a huge deal. But over time, it’s become the norm to staff a major studio release with big names. Comedians and actors know how to sell a joke, of course. But they’re also a draw for parents. And for, ahem, other adults who aren’t accompanying kids to the movie theater. (i.e. Me and my grown-up friends.) Who's playing these mischievous pets? Read on to find out.

Kevin Hart As Snowball

It's been a huge year at the box office for the pint-sized comedian. Before wreaking havoc against humans as white rabbit Snowball, Hart teamed up with The Rock for the well-reviewed comedy Central Intelligence and reunited with Ice Cube for the sequel to their hit, Ride Along.

Albert Brooks As Tiberius

Don't get Tiberius the hawk confused with the actor's most recognizable animated alter ego. Brooks can also be heard at the movies reprising his role as Marlin in the Pixar sequel Finding Dory.

Jenny Slate As Gidget

The Obvious Child star is also responsible for some of the most uproarious skits on Comedy Central's sketch series The Kroll Show, and made big news by bringing new boyfriend Chris Evans as her date to The Secret Life Of Pets premiere. She plays a Pomeranian coincidentally with love on her mind.

Lake Bell As Chloe

Bell made a splash in 2013 by writing, directing, producing, and starring in the comedy In A World. In Secret Life, she's bone-lazy tabby cat who cannot be bothered with anything.

Ellie Kemper As Katie

The Kimmy Schmidt lead plays another clueless human in this movie: Katie, dog mommy to Max and Duke.

Louis C.K. As Max

Louis C.K. pretty much does it all, especially when it comes to his non-linear, self-titled sitcom. Now he can add "animated film lead" to his resume with his role as Max the affectionate Jack Russell.

Hannibal Buress As Buddy

You love Buress as Lincoln, Ilana's kind-hearted friend-with-benefits on Broad City. The chilled-out comedian lends his voice to a chilled-out dachshund in Secret Life.

Eric Stonestreet As Duke

Cam breaks away from his Modern Family to voice a big, clumsy Newfoundland, a.k.a. Max's new roommate.

Dana Carvey As Pops

The Saturday Night Live chameleon is a helpful, if slow-moving, basset hound.

Steve Coogan As Ozone

Coogan is a prolific British comic and impressionist who's also taken on dramatic roles like the cynical journalist in the Oscar-nominated Philomena. But this movie marks his first appearance as an animated Sphynx cat.

Bobby Moynihan As Mel

Until his SNL character Drunk Uncle gets his long overdue feature outing, Moynihan's work as an excitable pug will have to tide you over.

This whole Secret Life Of Pets exercise has inspired a fun game: if your pet could talk, who would it sound like?

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