This Theory About Mary Drake In 'Pretty Little Liars' Could Change The Way You See Her

If there's one question that would be enormously helpful for the Liars to learn the real answer to, it's the truth about who really killed Charlotte DiLaurentis. The former Big A was killed during the Season 6B premiere, and her death has been a mystery ever since. Now, Charlotte's biological mother/Jessica DiLaurentis' identical twin Mary Drake has returned to Rosewood to stir up a few mysteries of her own. While we know that Mary is after the Carissimi Group fortune, she doesn't seem quite as evil as we might have expected upon her reveal in the Season 6 finale. After learning Mary's tragic backstory, including why she was sent to Radley, it seems that Jessica might earn the title of "evil twin" instead of Mary. Mary's backstory could inch us closer to an answer about Charlotte's killer, and it might prove Mary is once again paying the price for Jessica's crime. Could Charlotte's killer be connected to the baby Jessica allegedly killed? This sad story might be majorly important.

Though it's unclear whether we can truly trust anything that Mary says, the story she told to Spencer about why she was sent to Radley certainly painted her as a sympathetic figure. According to Mary, Jessica asked her twin sister to take care of her babysitting charge so that Jessica could go meet up with a guy. Mary obliged, and didn't check on the baby since Jessica told her he had gone to sleep. When the parents came home, the baby was found dead upstairs, and everyone (including Jessica) placed the blame on Mary. After that, Mary was sent to Radley for years, and, as we know, was in and out of the institution sporadically until she was finally released at age 23.

Though Mary insists that she didn't hurt the baby — and could very well be telling the truth — that doesn't mean that someone doesn't still blame Mary for that death. Given that Mary never spent any time in prison for the crime she allegedly committed, it's possible that someone has been waiting for years to seek proper revenge on Mary. That person could be the baby's parents, or even an older sibling — anyone who was directly effected by the tragic death. Maybe that person wanted to make Mary feel as terribly as they did after their family member died, and decided the best way to do that would be to kill someone that Mary loved — like her daughter Charlotte.

If Charlotte's killer really is someone connected to the baby Jessica hurt, there's a chance that they could be a Rosewood resident we already know. There's so much of Mary's backstory that needs to be addressed, and it might ultimately tie into the larger PLL story in seriously crazy ways.

Images: Eric McCandless/Freeform; dailylittleliars/Tumblr