Liam Hemsworth Joins Twitter... For Amanda Bynes?

There is something fishy about the fact that a mere two days after Amanda Bynes tweeted the following:

...all of a sudden Liam up and decides, he needs a Twitter. I mean, look at him, and look at Amanda Bynes. That shit was on like Donkey Kong according to some steamy snapshots from 2011, so ignoring the weirdness of Amanda tweeting as if she doesn't know Liam Hemsworth when there is evidence to suggest she does looks like all signs point to go on this steamy hook-up. Nothing says "rebound girl" like depressing mirror selfies and one-sided Twitter feuds with Drake and RuPaul, right?

Many hot Hollywood hunks, when faced with the question of what to do after narrowly escaping — I mean breaking off — an engagement to Miley Cyrus, would naturally go the Bynes way. Why not? She's sexy, self-possessed, clearly likes to keep it private just like Hemsworth does. What's not to love? The good thing about dating an agoraphobic would be that hey, she'd never be sighted with her wedding band off because she'd never leave the house in the first place. No such thing as a wedding ringless Tweet, which is the only mode of communication Bynes appears to be engaging in, so sally forth Liam — there are untilled fields of crazy waiting juuuust for you.

Image: Getty Images