This Is Kylie Jenner's Eyebrow Secret

By now, I pretty much trust anything beauty-related that Kylie Jenner tells me to do. After all, she's a cosmetics mogul, has had hair every color of the rainbow and seriously knows how to do her own makeup. Whether it's designing her own lip line or collaborating on a collection of nail polishes, Jenner seriously has it down when it comes to the beauty industry. So when I started noticing how amazing her brows were looking lately, I had to wonder: How do you get Kylie Jenner eyebrows? And luckily for her fans, she tweeted about her secret to great brows Tuesday.

Jenner is all about interacting with her fans, whether it's on her app, through Snapchat or through social media channels like Instagram or Twitter. I personally love when celebrities respond to fan's messages on social media, and Jenner is usually great about it. And even when fans aren't exactly nice to Jenner, she's good about responding with grace and class. Here's what went down Tuesday: Jenner posted a no makeup selfie on Snapchat, and although her face was obviously makeup free, her brows still looked super dark, full and groomed. I mean, just look how amazing the were.

Jenner has dark hair and her brows seem to be pretty naturally full, but a follower wasn't so sure her look was actually makeup free.

Ever the classy celeb, Jenner tweeted back explaining how she gets her brows to look so great.

So that's Jenner's secret! And lest you think Jenner was being sarcastic, she even followed it up with this sweet tweet later in the day.

I for one am super pumped to find out exactly how Jenner gets her brows to look so amazing.

How great do they look here?

Even when she's not wearing very much makeup, Jenner's brows still look full and lush without being too over the top.

I mean, check out how natural that looks. So it turns out the secret to Jenner's incredible brows is the increasingly popular brow tinting method. It feels like everyone I know has been tinting their brows lately, and I can see why. The price ranges from about $20-30, and the results last for about three to four weeks. That's not a huge cost compared to other beauty treatments, so I think my mind might be made up about finally trying brow tinting myself. And the fact that Kylie Jenner does it too? That's the cherry on top.