This Hungry Dog Despises Brexit Even More Than You Do

When the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, no one considered how the dogs would feel. Brexit, a portmanteau combining "Britain" and "exit," sounds a lot like "biscuit," disappointing furry friends throughout the nation who thought it was time for a treat. Now, dogs like Stan are heartbroken, his owner Katrina Burroughs told Twitter on Monday. Just think about those sad eyes and longing face next time you speak of the "B word." And if you're going to do it, at least have the common decency to cover their ears.

How would you like it if every time someone said Donald Trump in the United States, you thought they were actually saying donut? I, for one, would be extremely unhappy. The Pet Food Manufacturer's Association estimated there were about 8.5 million dogs in the U.K. in 2015. Considering their sizable population, it seems as though they should have a say in the matter. As early as June 2, in fact, BuzzFeed was recording the opinions of a handful of British dogs. Surprisingly, some who supported Brexit were apparently able to put its homophone in the back of their minds. Stan is not one of them. But Twitter users are trying to help him get through the tough time.

This little friend from St. Helens, near Liverpool, is in agreeance with Stan, as well as millions of U.K. citizens who have signed a petition to Parliament to hold a second Brexit referendum. So far, the petition has gained four million signatures. Senior Labor MP David Lammy warned his government on Twitter:

We can stop this madness and bring this nightmare to an end through a vote in Parliament. Our sovereign Parliament needs to now vote on whether we should exit the EU.

And if the peoples' request isn't heard by the British government, Londoners may very well become more serious about becoming independent. The dogs haven't let us know how they feel about that one yet.

Someone has to give these dogs a voice. Stan's photo has even inspired the #StandWithStan.

And this... this is accurate.

But when it comes down to it, the dogs are going to make it through the storm. What we all really needed was a moment of comic relief to lighten an otherwise gloomy mood. Thanks for the smiles, Stan!