Is Google Calendar Down? Yes, But Your Meetings Probably Aren't Canceled

Update: A Google representative told Bustle that a fix is in place for Calendar and the service has been restored for some users; they expect a full resolution in the near future.

Earlier: On Thursday morning, organized employees (and those struggling to be organized) sat down at their desk to the worst news they could imagine — Google Calendar is down. For many users, the web app acts as a GPS system, guiding you through you the maze that is your workday. Without their calendar, people seem to be lost, confused, and ready to pack their things up and go home.

The frightening notice, which may or may not ruin your productivity today, read: "Google Calendar is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later. In the meanwhile, you might find useful information on our Help Group and Help Center. We apologize for any inconvenience."

The cause of the issue is still unknown, but a Google representative told Bustle that they are investigating reports of the issue with Google Calendar and they will provide more information shortly. (We will update when we hear more). You can also check out this page which has the status of all Google's Apps.

So for now, just hang tight, go to the appointments you can remember, and sympathize/laugh at the people who are beside themselves right now: