Maya & Lyric McHenry From 'EJNYC' Are Seriously Successful

If you are a fan of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills on E!, get ready because one of the most fabulous parts of that series is breaking out on his own. EJ Johnson is moving to New York City and has a new E! reality show all about his shenanigans in the Big Apple. EJNYC will follow not only EJ, but fans will also get to see his absurdly chic squad of fashionable socialites. Two of these fashionistas are Maya and Lyric McHenry, some of the EJ's best friends. So, who are Maya and Lyric McHenry?

If you are going to spend your days with someone as fabulous and fierce as EJ Johnson, you better be able to keep up. Well, don't worry because Maya and Lyric are most certainly of EJ's level. These two are have everything going for them and are absurdly successful in their own rights. These ladies are certainly making things happen for themselves, and a reality show is a natural next step. If they play their cards right they could be the breakout stars of EJ's show.

I did a little sleuthing on their social media accounts, and found some tidbits about their amazing lives, so buckle up, because the #SquadGoals envy is real here.

They Are Sisters

This may have been obvious, but these two are sisters. EJ refers to Lyric as his best friend but the three of them have known each other since birth according to E!

Maya Is A Double Threat

Maya is an up-and-coming model and fashion photographer. She is currently attending Parsons for fashion photography, according to Nylon, and she is a part of Surface Model Management, according to her Instagram bio.

Lyric Is A Scholar

Lyric attended Stanford University. She was part of the 2010 Ron Brown Scholar Program and is listed on their website as part of the honor roll program at the school as well as the Head of School's list.

Lyric Is A Philanthropist

According to her Ron Brown Scholar Program bio, since age 11 Lyric has been working with the non-profit organization Artists For A New South Africa, which helps "to improve post-apartheid South African society through combating HIV/AIDS and empowering South African youth."

Lyric & Her Boyfriend Are Adorable

I can't deal with how fast these two are. One look at their Instagram pictures and it will give you some serious #RelationshipGoals.

Maya Is Fierce

Maya is on a whole other level here. She seems like she's not afraid to rock any style, and she owns it.

These ladies are definitely on EJ's level. I'm excited to see what the sisters are up to next on EJNYC.

Image: Tommy Garcia/ E! Entertainment