The World's Most Awkward Handshake Might Have Started A Whole New Bromance

In an unbelievable turn of events, it seems that there's a bromance brewing that may outshine the perfection that is Trubama. Shocking, I know. But don't worry, Trubama lovers. Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama are still buds — the two world leaders have simply invited another powerful friend to join their crew. Just months after the Canadian prime minister and U.S. president first graced the world with their budding friendship, they met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto Wednesday. The meeting in Ottawa ended with a three-way handshake between Obama, Trudeau, and Nieto, and the awkward interaction solidified the Mexican president's induction into one of the Internet's favorite bromances.

Obama, Trudeau, and Nieto met in the Canadian capital for the North American Leaders' Summit, and the popular nickname "the three amigos summit" felt more fitting than ever before. Though the summit became a yearly event back in 2005, Wednesday was the first time that these three amigos have participated together, as Trudeau didn't take office until last November. Sadly, Obama's presidency will be over in a few short months, which means that this will be both the first and last such summit that these three leaders share.

According to The Washington Post, at the North American Leaders' Summit, Obama, Trudeau, and Neito discussed the economic effects of Britain's possible exit from the European Union, made a commitment to green energy innovation and implementation, and frequently referenced the dangerous rise of certain figures — although no one mentioned Donald Trump by name, he's not exactly popular amongst the three.

As serious as the meeting was, the North American Leaders' Summit also had its lighthearted moments, as Trudeau made clear in his comments to the press:

President Obama, President Pena Nieto, and I have just wrapped up a very productive meeting. The tone of the meeting was friendly, as you might expect among friends, but also a little poignant. We’re obviously thrilled to have President Pena Nieto here for his first visit to Canada as president of Mexico, yet at the same time, it’s a little sad that this will be the last chance for all three of us to get together in this capacity, given President Obama’s impending retirement ... something he pointed out to us more than once, I should add, usually with a little smile.

Additionally, The Washington Post reported that when the leaders visited Canada's House of Commons, Trudeau joked, "this house gets to see a bromance up close."

The now-famous three-way handshake took place at the conclusion of the summit, when Obama, Trudeau, and Nieto posed for a photo in front of Canada's capital buildings. Standing in the middle, Trudeau attempted to shake hands with Obama and Nieto at the same time. How could the outcome have been anything but hilarious?

There doesn't seem to be a name for the Obama, Trudeau, Nieto bromance yet — but rest assured, it's on its way. The best I've got for now is "Trubamto," but I'm sure something much better's brewing.