Zac Efron & Zack Morris Are The Same Person & Here's The Proof — PHOTO

Anytime I read a headline that has anything to do with Zac Efron changing his hair, alarm bells go off inside my brain. Since his High School Musical days, I've had a serious crush on Efron, and a lot of that crush has to do with his beautiful hair, so I would not handle it well should he make any drastic changes. But his latest look? I kinda like it, especially since it brings me back to yet another childhood crush. At Wednesday night's LA premiere for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, Zac Efron looked exactly like Zack Morris with his new frosted blonde tips, and I am already a fan.

OK, so he doesn't really look that different, but the blonde is enough to make you take a second look... and to draw those Saved By The Bell comparisons. And since Efron frosted his tips for his role in Baywatch, it only makes sense that he's still bringing back the '90s in yet another way. Even if you're not a fan of his lighter hair, you can't deny that if you squint, Efron and Mark Paul Gosselaar practically look separated at birth. And in case you aren't seeing it, I give you Exhibit A:

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

See? Efron may not have ever had to make a call on a cell phone that large, but doesn't he look like he could totally be hanging out with Kelly and Slater at The Max? Plus, their good looks aren't the only thing these two have in common. Gosselaar and Efron both played very popular high schoolers — Zack and Troy Bolton from HSM, duh — and Efron and Zack Morris both have the same first name. Is it a conspiracy? Maybe. But I'm fine with it. Plus, their characters totally would have gotten along if they existed in the same universe... except there's a chance Zack would have teased Troy for being so into the whole musical thing.

And apparently, Efron is loving all of this. He told Entertainment Tonight that Zack Morris is his "hero" (because why wouldn't he be?), so it seems like he's pretty happy about the resemblance. And so are fans on Twitter, who are freaking out — and rightfully so — about how much these two look alike. In fact, one even thinks it could be intentional.

Now all we have to do is find a way to get the two Zacs in the same room together for a photo op. Please? It would be so magical.