Juan Pablo Tweets 3 Times About Jared Leto's Best Supporting Actor Oscar Win, But Missed The Point

The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis is not doing anything to help himself out of the hole he's dug since he called homosexuals "perverts" — and, apparently, he felt the 2014 Oscars were a good way to prove he supports the LGBTQ community. Well, not really. Galavis tweeted a total of three times during the Oscars' whopping 3+ hour telecast — and each tweet surrounded Jared Leto's Best Supporting Actor win for his role of the transgender character Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and the winner's accompanying speech. Overcompensating much, Juan Pablo?

A month ago, Galavis made controversial and offensive statements about the gay community by suggesting that a homosexual Bachelor contestant on the show would be inappropriate. He apologized — or rather, issued a non-apology — multiple times and, on Sunday night, he tried a different approach with his tweets about Leto.

Galavis first tweeted right before Leto received his award, saying it would be "IMPOSSIBLE" for the actor to not win his category. I mean, we were all rooting for Leto so it wasn't that suspicious — but when Galavis didn't immediately tweet again after the actor's win, his support for Leto seemed a bit insincere, considering his track record. He did, however, eventually resume writing 140 characters about Leto, claiming he was being so overwhelmed with emotion, but only because Leto referenced his home country of Venezuela. Read his tweets here:

Oh, Juan Pablo — we're also glad Leto mentioned Venezuela, where protestors are marching against President Nicolas Maduro over the country's inflation problems. But if only you could have also brought attention to the other issue more pertinent to Leto's pro-LGBT speech... and your former anti-LGBT words.