9 Pairs Of Underwear To Borrow From The Boys

When I think of a woman wearing men's underwear (which I'll admit, isn't something I think about often), the first thing I think of is Carrie Bradshaw looking super chic in Aidan's tighty-whities while the two of them brushed their teeth together. And let me tell you, Ms. Bradshaw was seriously onto something.

My mom always told me that her marriage mantra was "never wear ugly pajamas in front of your husband." While these days it sounds a little old fashioned, it's something that has always stuck with me and that I've tried to implement into my own life. Since bringing my own pajamas to every adult sleepover started to become a major pain, I learned how to finagle cute bedtime outfits out of what was readily available to me, which most of the time was men's underwear.

But then, a funny thing happened.... I started to love sleeping in men's undies so much that I ordered some for myself.

I know that sounds creepy, but hear me out: It's no secret that sleeping in guy's underwear is a lot more comfortable than sleeping in a thong (take it from someone who has done the experimental research), and they tend to be really soft and cozy. Don't believe me?

Here are seven pairs of men's underwear that you'll want to add to your wardrobe, too.

1. Classic Calvins

Modern Cotton Stretch 2 Pack Boxer Briefs, $30, Calvin Klein

If these classic Calvin Klein black boxer briefs are good enough for Bieber, they're definitely good enough for me.

2. Striped Shorts

Even Strips Trunks, $12, Gap

These striped cotton boxer briefs look more like sleep shorts than men's underwear... minus the whole "open fly" thing.

3. Tie-Dyed Shorts

AEO Striped Boxer, $13, American Eagle

Who says the tie dye trend can't also work in the bedroom? These super soft striped shorts could easily double as beachwear.

4. Blue Briefs

BOSS Hugo Boss Pack Of Three Boxer Briefs, $23, Bloomingdales

Can't get enough men's undies? Try this super-affordable pack of three from Hugo Boss, and you'll never have to buy pajamas again!

5. Tighty-Pinkies

Baby Rib Brief, $14, American Apparel

Trying to ease your way into rocking men's undies? This baby pink pair somehow feels tough, yet feminine.

6. Preppy Stripes

Classic Fit Cotton Boxers, $9, Nordstrom

These classic fitting blue striped boxers are so preppy and comfortable looking, they'll have you dreaming of the cute boy from college who always wore a polo shirt and a backwards hat to class.

7. Tighty-Whities

Hanes 6-Pack Briefs, $23, JCPenney

If you want to look like Carrie and Aidan in their matching tighty-whities, these classic Hanes briefs are for you.

8. Patriotic Trunks

Diesel Star Print Trunks, $32, Saks

Show off your American pride in a red, white and blue star print pair of underwear.

9. Brightly Printed Briefs

Zig Zag Boxer Brief, $14, Happy Socks

These are literally the most fun underwear I've ever seen.

Images: Andrew Zaeh/Bustle; Courtesy of Brands