Crazy GIFs for Trump's Crazy VP Picks

In search of another clown to join his circus, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has allegedly begun vetting a shortlist of running mates. There has been a lot of speculation surrounding who would be considered for Trump's vice president pick, as many Republicans have distanced themselves from the candidate as of late. But according to recent reports, former U.S. Representative Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Governor (and current Trump surrogate) Chris Christie are the GOP candidate's top choices. While more than likely intended to be the level-headed alternative to Trump's temperament, these Trump vice president memes and tweets remind voters of just how absurd things have become, and with these choices moving into the convention, the craziness will surely only continue.

The overall consensus on Twitter is that not only is it a bizarre and hilarious choice for a shortlist, but that a Trump/Christie or Trump/Gingrich ticket would stand no chance against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and anyone she chooses as her running mate. Christie's "wordless screaming" (as The Washington Post so fittingly put it) during a March press conference with Trump makes it even funnier to think about him as Trump's right-hand man in the general election.

Here are some of the best from Trump's absurd pairings:

If nothing else, with Christie and Gingrich as Trump's top choices, voters will at least get treated to some of the best tweets in election history as we move closer to November, and potentially, the slow death of Christie's political career.