This Kylie Lip Kit Restock Is A Major Deal

Are you ready for a holiday weekend freak out? Kylie Jenner is making the Fourth of July holiday bomb AF for makeup lovers. First, she confirmed that her Kylie Lip Kit liners will be sold separately. For. The. First. Time Ever. During the Friday, July 1 restock, the scarlet Mary Jo K and the rosy neutral Candy K liners will be available as singles. Let's pause to shake, cry, and freak out. There is no "Keep Kalm and Karry On" when it comes to Lip Kits, since these babies, as well as the Kylie Glosses and Metal Mattes, sell out so, so fast. However, there is another change happening and it may very well allow fans and Lip Kit koveters to actually keep kalm moving forward. Why is today's restock such a huge deal and what is this other change? Can you handle it?

You can.

In a series of Snapchats, Jenner also confirmed that this restock is so huge that it will allow fans to shop at their leisure and through the weekend. Kylie Lip Kit shoppers know the emotionally chaotic drill. She announces a restock, fans flood her site during the on-sale time, shoppers get kicked off mid-checkout, the products sell out, and plenty of peeps are left frustrated. There never seems to be enough product to meet the insane demand.

Until now.

Jenner has made strides to keep supply replenished!

Jenner noted that she hates that her KLKs are always sold out. While she likely loves it because she makes bank, she certainly isn't happy about angry and empty-handed customers.

The most we can imagine? This sounds good.

The ability to shop from 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT and hopefully through the week? Whoa! This is, like, beyond.

Visit the site at ANY time and shop? Get Lip Kits whenever we want?! We can cruise over to the site three hours after the on-sale time and won't have to deal with drained stock? Eureka!

OMG! How cute is she at the end, when she crinkles up her nose to express excitement that the products won't be totally sold out anymore?

Shopping Kylie Cosmetics lippies whenever we want? This is a great day and weekend for lip fiends. God bless a matte-lipped 'Murrica.

OMG, you guys! Finally. I have to go get ready to shop. OK, bye.

Images: Kylizzle Snapchats/Instagram (6); Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (2)