How To 4th Of July Like T. Swift

It's a truth universally (nationally?) acknowledged that Taylor Swift throws the most epic 4th of July parties. Yes, I am saying this definitively because it is not an opinion, but a straight up fact. I mean, have you seen her last two Instagram-documented 4th of July weekends? They were like scenes straight out of a movie. Which, kind of makes sense given the fact that T. Swift is a celeb and all and there is usually an actor or 12 present at said soiree. So, if you're looking to throw a 4th of July party like Taylor Swift, look no further than here. I'm about to break it down for you.

By break it down, I do not mean dance. No one needs to see that. No, what I'm going to do here is explain to you how to properly throw a 4th of July party the T. Swift way, aka the only way. Luckily for us, Swift has been trying to help us out on this front for years and has given us examples of the necessary steps to take in order to execute this seemingly unattainable goal. Don't worry, no one is expecting you to buy a coastal mansion, but other than that, the media maven's patriotic tendencies are not too difficult to replicate.

Here is how to throw a 4th of July party, Taylor Swift style:

Adhere To A Strict Red, White, And Blue Decor Scheme

Yes, down to the towels.

Don't Forget The Slip 'N Slide


IMPORTANT: The Slip 'N Slide* Does Not Have To Be Patriotic

*But only the slip 'n slide. (It's just vital that there is one.)

Ina Garten Recipes Are A Must

Go barefoot or go home.

Exercise Caution While Using Sparklers

Or just, like, have Austin do it.

Obvi, Make Patriotic Baked Goods

With your fellow Americans. A united activity.

Perhaps Less Obvi, Engage In Friendly Role Play With Your British Friends

Extend an olive branch to your ex-countryman. It releases the tension.

This goes without saying, but a playlist of Swift's entire discography would really top off the night, don't you think?