Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Video Remakes of YouTube Classics Starring A-List Celebs Are So Good

There has been a recent buzz about Jimmy Fallon's ability to effortlessly populate the Internet with addictive and highly GIF-able videos but last night, we were reminded that there are two Jimmys in this town. Jimmy Kimmel's annual star-studded post-Oscars slew of skits ran the gamut from psychedelic to dramatic, with a bit of some casual Hemsworth brothers thrown in. Kimmel runs his celebrity-heavy skits every year after the Oscars, and this year, they mostle delivered. Sure, he will never be able to top the "Handsome Men's Club" skit of 2010, but he came pretty damn close with this year's crop of viral video remakes.

The only thing that could have brought it up a notch would've been Matthew McConaughey shirtless, and given his recent turn down the serious actor-route, it's unlikely we'll see that on the big screen for some time. Kimmel kept the sketches spare and sweet, parodying "David after Dentist", "Double Rainbow", "Sweet Brown" and others, using their most famous catchphrases and working them into famous movie plots. Let it be said, if ya can't have Rob Lowe, Patrick Dempsey, John Krasinski and Taye Diggs in a room together talking about how handsome they are, Christoph Waltz in a hamster suit comes pretty damn close (and yes, I am still on about "Handsome Men's Club. Not sorry about it.)


Whoa, the biggest accomplishment of this skit is that Kimmel has actually managed to make Joseph Gordon Levitt look gross. Although, the second they have him riding Seth Rogen, I'm all about them both again. Am I easily pleased, or does a whacked out JGL riding Seth Rogen as he shoots rainbows out of his eyes kinda get you going, too? This skit is amazing, although I definitely don't get what Catherine Zeta Jones is doing in here.


Christoph Waltz in a hamster suit. And Gary Oldman eating a turkey drumstick and crying. From whose marvelous and seriously weird brain did this skit come from, and how can I marry them immediately?

Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube

I like what Kimmel's done here, famous brothers playing even more famous brothers (Charlie and the little bald one, obviously). I'll never date a Hemsworth and it really hurts and it's still hurting.


All this proves to me is that a) Queen Latifah is a ray of sunshine sent down by god to be sassy and gorgeous all the time, and that b) Jobs would've been so much less insufferable if they had Adam Driver play the lead instead of Ashton Kutcher.