6 Ways Kevin Spacey Took Over the 2014 Oscars

Typically the campaigning of Oscars season happens pre-awards show, but at Sunday night's ceremony, it seemed like Kevin Spacey was gunning for some sort of award. The House of Cards star and two-time Oscar winner was ubiquitous at the ceremony; did you catch him at the end sitting with the cast of 12 Years a Slave for some mysterious reason? Perhaps he's looking to host the never-ending ceremony soon? Clad like many others in a fresh-to-death navy tuxedo, Spacey proved to us all that in his long career, he's aged like a fine wine. It was definitely a good night to be Kevin Spacey, even though he wasn't up for any awards. His best moments:

When he made a cameo as Vice President Francis Underwood.

Honestly, it's hard to forget that Kevin Spacey himself doesn't have a slightly sinister, totally charming Southern drawl, and we love to languish in it. Spacey did not disappoint last night when he came on stage in character as Frank Underwood, looking like he had a scheme up his sleeve to ruin someone in Hollywood's night.


When he helped Ellen with her pizza party handouts.

Ah, the pizza gag—the most drawn-out joke in a long drawn out ceremony, it was actually pretty endearing to watch all these celebs in their gloriously expensive gowns and tuxes pass around paper plates to awkwardly balance on their laps for a mid-show snack. While Jared Leto lounged in the front row and let Ellen hand him a slice, Spacey helped out and took a box to pass around to those in the back.

When he got in that notorious selfie (ussie?)

What's better than selfies? Celebrity selfies. As we all now know, Ellen broke Twitter last night (as a live-tweeter of the show, I was mildly horrified by this) when she took that amazing selfie. Or rather, when she made Bradley Cooper take it, because her arms weren't long enough. Among the talent: Lupita and her adorable brother, Bradley Cooper, of course, Ellen herself, MERYL, Julia, Jared, Brad, Channing Tatum, and with the best facial expression of them all, Kevin goddamn Spacey.

When Reddit did a Spacey makeover of said Selfie.

And somehow, he looks quite... natural with all those different hairstyles and necklines.

When he dominated Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscars show.

Jimmy Kimmel kept the star-studdiness of Sunday night going with his post-Oscars show, which starred none other than our pal Kevin Spacey. Honestly, Spacey must have something a-brewing in true Frank Underwood fashion, because not only did he give a near-impeccable Johnny Carson impersonation, but he dropped a shameless plug for his website (KEVINSPACEY.COM) on Kimmel, where apparently he posted a video of a wee Jimmy Kimmel doing magic tricks on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Because whatever Frank Underwood wants, he gets.


And for good measure, I leave you with one more Kevin Spacey selfie:

I do declare.

Spacey's one to watch this year; hopefully his super-visibility at the Oscars means there's more coming from him in 2014 (we already are delighted that House of Cards' third season is imminent!)

Images: Ellen Degeneres/Twitter, Reddit, Kevin Spacey/Twitter.