The Best Celeb Pics from Inside the Oscars

Ellen may have single-handedly broke the Internet with the selfie to end all selfies. Well I suppose it was Bradley Cooper who broke it since he's the one who actually took the amazing, bursting-with-celebs selfie. However, Meryl Streep, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Lupita Nyong’o (and her adorable brother), Kevin Spacey (who made the exact opposite face of Tommy Lee Jones’ Grumpy Cat face) Jared Leto, and Jennifer Lawrence weren't the only ones who were getting into the game. Oodles of our favorite celebs were tweeting and Instagramming from inside the ceremony (which is further proof that celebs at awards shows have the same habits as most of us at Monday morning status meetings at our office jobs).

Thanks to the wonder of social media, we got a sneak peak into all of the Oscars best moments...namely Ellen’s pizza party, because it was the best thing to happen to the Oscars since they stopped doing that thing where there were long speeches BEFORE all of the nominees were announced.

Kerry Washington was also clearly a HUGE fan of DeGeneres as her Instagram feed was full of love for the golden host...though I’m assuming it was mostly for the pizza. So here are a handful of our favorite backstage and behind-the-scenes pics from the show (sadly, not entirely photobombed by Benedict Cumberbatch). Enjoy.

Christine Teigen and the Brilliant Back Shot of the Selfie

Did she just invent the belfie?

Kerry Washington

Jared Leto's Post-Win Haze

The Best Pizza Party Ever!

That would be Corrinne Foxx with her dad Jamie Foxx and the Tatums, chowing down.

And More Channing Tatum

Even MORE pizza party

Keeping up with the Selfie game

Also, nice try with the faces, but nothing could make you two unattractive.

Anne Hathaway and JGL totally photobombed Jessica Biel backstage.

Master....or MONSTER?

Image: TheEllenShow/ChrissyTeigen/Twitter; KerryWashington/TheEllenShowInstagram; CorrinneFoxx/Twitter; The EllenShow/Twitter; KerryWashington/Instagram; TotalFilm/Ywitter