Rob & Blac Chyna Hit A Major Baby Milestone

Doesn't it seem like just yesterday Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy using a custom-made emoji? Her pregnancy is practically flying by and she hit a major baby milestone over the weekend. On Saturday, Chyna and Rob Kardashian felt their baby move and shared their feelings afterwards in a video, which the mom-to-be posted on Instagram. This is a huge moment for the couple, so of course they had to celebrate. But they certainly chose an interesting way to do so — in the video, Kardashian used Snapchat's bread filter. Yup, you read that correctly. His face is surrounded by crust. What better way to break this baby news?

Along with the video, Chyna wrote, "Super excited @robkardashian and I felt our baby moving today." She even threw in a heart and baby emoji to illustrate that point. To me, it looks like Kardashian's eyes are teary in the vid, which if so, shows how excited he truly is by this milestone. It could just be the way the filter makes his eyes look, but as someone who's used the bread filter before (no shame), I can confirm it enlarges your eyes, but doesn't make them that glossy. So it sure seems like Kardashian shed a tear and that's super sweet. This proves how genuinely happy ChyRo is about their baby.

This isn't the first time Kardashian expressed his excitement about becoming a dad. In May, he told E! News,

"I mean it's my first time, so everything is exciting, literally. I'm happy and I just like to keep it, you know, keep it private...as private as can be."

And guess what? The baby moving isn't the only exciting thing that happened this weekend. Chyna shared a photo on a scale while holding her baby bump. Instead of emphasizing the number on the scale, I'd rather focus on the caption. She wrote, "gains," a phrase usually used by gym-goers to share how much weight or muscle they've gained. In this case, she's referencing the baby in her belly, which is a way more heartfelt use of the saying.

To top it all off, Chyna hung out with both of her parents and her fiancé. It definitely has been an eventful and family-filled weekend for the future Kardashian fam — and their little crew will continue to grow. At this rate, I bet Baby Kardashian will be here before you know it.