Kylie Jenner Might Be Bringing Back This Lipstick

If you know the maddening frustration that is trying to nab a Kylie Lip Kit, you might be in luck. Kylie Jenner might be bringing back a limited edition lipstick one last time, according to her Twitter. Get excited, makeup lovers!

If you didn't get a chance to snag KyMajesty the first time you might get another go at it. Jenner tweeted on Sunday to ask the public if they thought it was worth her bringing back the black metallic matte color for another go 'round, and fans are weighing in on the idea.

With black lipstick having a big moment in fashion right now, Jenner took it one step further and introduced a metallic matte version of the trend. Rather than indulging your inner Craft obsession, you now had the option to go harder with a silver, metallic sheen on your lips.

While this can be exciting for those that missed it the first time around, this doesn't necessarily mean it's a done deal. While as of right now the tweet has 8,661 likes and 1,182 retweets, the comments show some differing opinions. Half of her fans are urging her to bring it back, while the other half could live without it.

As you can see, the lippie gives off a black and blue tint, feeling more galaxy inspired rather than gothic punk. While it's a fun shade for sure, the mixed reviews on it make sense.

Not everyone feels comfortable sporting a metallic lip, and if Jenner is bringing back limited edition shades, the public might want a more classic hue. After all, the black lip is super hot right now, but trends are usually flashes in a pan. Who knows how long these vampy shades will stay in style?

But for those of you beauty lovers that love to play with bold and unexpected shades, keep your eyes pealed for this hue. While it's just speculation right now, the KyMajesty lipstick might be having a comeback. And if you don't normally go for out-there shades, this might be a great chance to test the waters. It's a popular look at the moment, and who knows what a small risk like this can open up for you. Go for it and see!

Images: kyliecosmetics/Instagram