15 Summer Looks From '90s TV & Movies We Loved

When I think of the '90s, I automatically think fashion. If the '80s were for hair, and the '70s for attitude, the '90s were definitely for style, and we can thank some of our favorite television and movie characters for that. '90s summer looks were everything—I'm looking at you, mom jeans, floral skater dresses, jelly shoes, and scrunchies.

With three older sisters, I pretty much spent my time watching Saved By The Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Clarissa Explains It All, Buffy, and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Which meant lots of colors, patterns, denim, acid wash, and of course, flannel. Doc Martens became my footwear of choice on rainier, colder days, but jelly sandals of course for the summer days. Television was my main source of fashion inspiration because week after week, I'd see Clarissa rock another zany outfit, or Topanga wear a classic floral skater dress.

But beyond TV shows, movies were the real winners. Multiple looks in one sitting? Sign me up, please. Most important to my fashion growth was of course Clueless, where I witnessed the miracle that was Cher Horowitz, wearing crop tops over button ups with ease, rocking plaid on plaid, and exercising in one-piece athletic wear. I was absolutely hooked, and hoped that one day, I'd be able to dress myself like these '90s style queens.

Looking back, their outfits still stand the test of time, and these summer looks were more than just that: They were major inspo for looks then, today, and in the future.

1. Cher's Red Dress

I mean, she even has a gold water bottle holder. That's so practical for summer. This red dress was everything—simple, sexy, and totally '90s.

2. Topanga's Tied Up Top

Pretty sure I spent the entirety of my sophomore year of college tying up my button ups like this.

3. Kathryn's See Through Top

My sister had a top like this that she wore with a black bra, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

4. Clarissa's Off The Shoulder Top

Plus that necklace and those bangs? Sold.

5. Rachel's Denim Overalls

Can't get more '90s than denim overalls! Add in those tennis shoes, and you've got a killer look.

6. Carrie's Naked Dress

Carrie Bradshaw had some pretty memorable '90s looks, but none was as iconic as her "naked" slip dress.

7. Elaine's Floral Dresses

Elaine, oh Elaine. How I loved your dresses and loafer combinations.

8. Mia's Simple Look

Mia the legend, wearing a legendary simple black dress, choker, and straight across bangs.

9. Bianca's Floral Dress

I was so, so jealous of this dress back in the day. Still am.

10. Taylor Vaughn's Tube Top

This plus her effortless pony were goals back in the day.

11. Pretty Much Anything Hilary Banks Wore

Still, and forever will be, obsessed with this cutout dress.

12. Every Single One Of These Looks

Nailed it, nailed it, nailed it, and nailed it.

13. Lisa's Yellow One Piece

Slayage from head to toe.

14. Joey Potter's Tops

Lewks for days.

15. Seniors Sweatshirts

What to say besides "iconic?"

Brb, I'm now going through my closet and finding outfits that only resemble these characters. From high waisted denim, to crazy hats and accessories, to crop tops, to cutouts—these style queens got it right. This summer, these gals are my major inspiration.

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