Kylie Gets Real About Her Anxiety On 'KUWTK'

I have to hand it to Kylie Jenner: As difficult as it is to be 18, she is killing it... and with the wisdom of someone much older than she is. Aside from practically being the queen of all social media, she's launched her wildly successful lip kits, bought a giant house, and maintained a crazy career that comes with insane levels of fame — and that's just the beginning. In case you can't already tell, I have so much admiration for this girl, and Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashiansgave me yet another reason to have all those proud mama feelings for her all over again. This time, Kylie talked things out with Blac Chyna, and her maturity is seriously impressive.

Earlier in the ep, Kylie talked about how she'd been experiencing anxiety over being famous and what people said about her on social media, and it was bothering her a lot. And then, after Rob dropped the bomb on his sisters about Blac Chyna being pregnant, it seemed to be the catalyst for her to finally do something about the beef they had between them. So she and Blac Chyna decided to hash everything out — something that would have been totally intimidating to me at her age. Or, you know, any age.

From what Kylie says, Blac Chyna was pretty open with her and they got to talk about a lot of things that Kylie wanted to get off of her chest. They talked about everything from the pregnancy to Tyga — since the two of them do share that very important ex — and after all the anxiety Kylie said she'd been experiencing lately, it seems like it was a really good thing for her.

"I feel like a weight has just been lifted off of both of our shoulders, and I feel like that's all we needed," Kylie said.

It doesn't sound like these two are going to be BFF anytime soon, but it definitely sounds like all that drama is behind them. Fingers crossed things only improve from here! And Kylie gets all the awards for taking that important, scary step. These aren't tears of sadness — just tears of pride. Don't mind me!