Morphe's LE Brush Set Is Well Worth The Price Tag

If there's anything better than affordable makeup brushes, it a whole matching set. Making your rhinestone covered dreams come true, Morphe's That Bling Set of brushes is just what you need to accessorize your makeup table. How much is the set, you ask? You get a whole lot for one price. There's no telling how long these beautiful brush will be around though, so you'll want to pick them up while you can.

Morphe has completely stepped up their game with their latest release. As if the name didn't already give you a hint, the That Bling Set is completely covered is rhinestones. That means you can feel even more fabulous while doing your makeup, every single day. The seven-piece collection has every eye and face brush you need for a makeup look plus a case to store it in too. It's perfect for beginners looking to stock up on great brushes or makeup pros.

Not only is Morphe's seven-piece set absolutely gorgeous, but it's somewhat affordable too. The Elite brushes and set is only $99, which is a whole lot less than buying an entire set piece-by-piece. It ends up breaking down to about $12.40 per item. Plus you can take 10 percent off if you use an affiliate code, which makes the price even better.

The company is known for it's fabulous brushes, so you already know the quality is going to be great. Makeup artists like Jaclyn Hill swear by the products and Jeffree Star even has a whole pink brush line coming out with the brand.

Morphe That Bling Set, $99,

The last time that this set went on sale, it flew off the shelves. After it was gone, people started selling it for up to $185 on eBay. Bottom line: you should probably grab it while you can.

Morphe That Bling Set, $99,

What are you waiting for? Go treat yourself to a fabulous brush set while you can. Because buying one set already put together is so much easier than buying them separately.

Image: morphebrushes/Instagram (1)