'RHONJ' Newbie Dolores Is Close With Her Ex

by Aubrey Page

It's that time of year again: birds are chirping, weird tan lines are appearing on my body, and The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back — with Teresa in tow! But the classic group of returnees are being joined by not one, but two new Real Housewives of New Jersey, including Dolores Catania. It's always good to get some fresh faces in the mix — and I couldn't be more excited to watch Dolores and fellow new addition Siggy Flicker try to navigate the murky waters of Housewives-dom. Of course, with new Housewives comes the possibility of new family members for viewers to meet, so I'm already curious about Dolores' ex-husband, Frank Catania.

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, though Frank and Dolores have been divorced for 15 years, they still remain close as both friends and business partners, so don't expect him to provide any drama on Season 7. And 15 seems to be the magic number for Dolores, as Andy Cohen told Bustle that she "has known the women [of RHONJ] for like 10 or 15 years, so she’s a perfect fit." Though Dolores and her family may be known among the cast, they're still new to RHONJ viewers, so here's what you should know about her ex-husband and current business partner, Frank.

He Was Born & Raised in New Jersey, Where He Now Raises His Kids

According to Frank's Facebook, he has been putting down roots in New Jersey for a very long time, as he lists North Haledon, New Jersey as his hometown. Like Dolores, Frank still resides in the state, and they have two children together.

He's In A Relationship

Despite the fact that Dolores and Frank have managed to maintain a functional relationship, and their closeness is very evident in the Instagram above, it's important to remember the two are still very much divorced. In the RHONJ Season 7 promo, Teresa promised Dolores that she would find the man of her dreams within the year, but it looks like Frank already found love. According to his Facebook page, Frank is in a relationship with Ellie Fay, a connection that they've been maintaining for over 13 years.

He's A Gym Mogul

Though less famous than his wife, who according to the above Instagram has some fitness projects of her own, it turns out that Frank actually beat Dolores to the small screen, as a gym expert on FOX News in 2011, dropping truth on what it means to own a gym in the modern age. According to his Facebook, he went to the University of Delaware and now owns Gold's Gym in Teterboro, New Jersey.

Since Frank and Dolores are listed as business partners by Bravo, there's a chance we could see him pop up on RHONJ if Season 7 delves into her professional life. But whether viewers get to know him or not, it's clear that Frank remains an important part of Dolores' life.