Jaclyn Hill Loves Her Some Lip Kits, Too, You Guys

When it comes to creating must-have beauty products, these ladies clearly know what they’re doing. Not only are they successful in their own right, they also admire each other and their individual contributions to the beauty world. Jaclyn Hill’s reaction to Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits selling out is the same as all of us, because this gal knows good makeup when she sees it. And as far as having products flying off the shelves goes, well, she’s been there before.

You see, Jenner was brought to tears when her lip products sold out, and the moment was documented on Snapchat and on her reality TV show. Hill admitted recently via Twitter that watching Jenner sell out of Lip Kits in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians made her cry, too. Because whether you know what that feels like to create something and watch it sell out first hand or no, you can’t help but be excited to see someone living their dream. Of course, the fact that Hill herself has gotten super emotional over the success of her own makeup products only adds another layer to it. Go on and cry your happy tears, you guys. You deserve it!

Both ladies are basically changing the way you wear makeup, and because of that they're really becoming household names in the beauty industry.

You can't blame Hill for being a major fan of Jenner's lippies.

Especially when the feeling is mutual.

Jenner is still adjusting to her Lip Kit fame, despite her celeb status.

And Hill still freaks out when she sees her face in Sephora, understandably.

I don't know that either of them will ever stop being excited about their ventures in the beauty world, no matter how much they continue to grow.

And I don't think they ever should be.

Keep making us proud, ladies! I may be crying happy tears, but at least I look great while doing it!

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