This Will Make You Love Kylie Lip Kits Even More

Having people fall in love with a product you created has got to feel good. But selling out not once, but twice? That’s got to feel amazing! If you weren’t fast enough to get your credit card out and purchase a lippie the first two times, you’re going to have even more chances soon. Why did Kylie Jenner decide to restock the Lip Kits? Well, it’s for one very important reason — she loves making her fans happy with something she’s truly passionate about, and you can tell by her genuine reaction to them selling out.

She documented the process of the Lip Kits going on sale via Snapchat, including her very sweet, tear-filled reaction to them selling out in under 30 minutes. She and her mom were together at the time, and both were crying happy tears. This is really telling of just how emotionally invested she is. She takes pride in making the best product, and that is evidenced by her hands-on approach to making these in the lab.

When you find something you’re truly passionate about, you should stick with it, and that’s exactly what Jenner’s doing with these Lip Kits (lucky for us!). The world loves her lipsticks, and she loves giving them to the world. So, this really is a win-win for both parties, if you ask me.

Jenner was monitoring as the number of viewers soared.

And was there to celebrate as the shades sold out, one by one.

When they all sold out, she could hardly contain her excitement.

Then, it was back to work, getting the products ready to ship.

The proud mama was happy to lend a helping hand.

Kourtney Kardashian was one proud big sister (and was happy to get all 6 shades, I'm sure!).

Khloé Kardashian was happy to get in on that Koko K action, too.

It was an all around successful day for Jenner and her lippies, and I'm just as excited as she is for the next time the go on sale!

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