18 GIFs That Will Make Any '90s Kid Say, "Me As An Adult"


There are certain inevitable moments in life that, as adults, most of us will experience: That first big home repair, looking for another job, buying a new car. But every time these very adult things happen, part of me still feels like a kid — and I react as such, perfectly exemplified by these hilarious '90s GIFs. "What do you mean, I need a new car battery? They just replaced this one eight years ago." "I have to get a pap every year? What do they think is hiding up there?!" "I just found $10 in an old purse. Let's go out and I'll buy you something pretty." There's always something.

"Adulting," as we've so affectionately coined the term as of late, is no easy task, especially when the '90s child inside all of us is crying for Nickelodeon and Bagel Bites. Gone are the simple days of Oregon Trail and playing outside until the street lights came on; they've been replaced with bills, learning how to wash delicates, and trying to remember the last time you washed your sheets. (The answer to that last one, by the way, is usually, "way too long ago.")

Well into our 30s, certain life experiences still surprise us, reminding us that we're grown-ups and probably shouldn't be eating Pop Tarts for dinner anymore. (I do what I want. No shame.) The '90s live on in all of us, though, and these GIFs have our adult selves thinking, "Oh... dang... That's totally me."

1. Me When I First Take My Bra Off After A Long Day


It just feels... so good.

2. Me When I Buy My First Home


It might be time for a glass of wine or 12.

3. Me When I Get My Eyebrows Done


This must be what they're talking about when they say "on fleek."

4. Me When I Have To Cook All My Own Meals And Then Clean Up The Mess


OMG, why is my life so hard?

5. Me When A Friend Tweets Passive Aggressive Comments At Me


Please. I wrote the book.

6. Me When I Win $5 On A Lotto Ticket


Do you know how many street tacos you can get with that?

7. Me When I Have To Do My Own Taxes


I'm sorry — my brain can't process this many numbers.

8. Me When I Find Out I Actually Owe Money


And you didn't actually have any money in the first place.

9. Me When I Get Out Of Work Early


There are so many things you're going to get done with this extra time. JK, because Netflix.

10. Me When I Blow A Tire On The Freeway



11. Me When I Get The Bill For Repairs


$400 for this? What's the big deal? Just throw a new tire on. I don't care what size. Forget it — give me the tire and I'll do it myself.

12. Me When I Realize My Parents Can't Control Me



13. Me When Rent Is Due


You're not even there half the time!

14. Me When I Get Stuck In Traffic


I hate people who drive.

15. Me When It's Time To Visit The Lady Doctor


Can't they sedate me first?

16. Me When I Have A Hot Date


This is it. I know it.

17. Me When We Break Up



18. Me When I'd Rather Stay In Than Go Out


PJs? Check. Popcorn? Check. Dog? Check. Game on.

Images: Paramount Pictures; Giphy (18)