Here's What To Know About The Status Of "Churro"

In case you missed the surprise launch, ColourPop recently launched a tie-dye highlighter that social media called Churro. The limited quantity batch sold out in just one minute, so social media begged for a restock. When that came, it also sold out super fast. If you're anything like me, you're probably wondering if ColourPop will restock Churro for a second time. The answer isn't definitive, but there is some really great news.

When ColourPop came out of nowhere and announced on Snapchat that they would be creating a multi-color highlight, beauty lovers instantly took notice. The company asked people to weigh in one their favorite color combination on social media and then the winner was to go on sale the next day. Although it was deemed limited-edition and quantity, people begged for it to go on sale again, and ColourPop listened.

The beauty storm known as Churro pretty much came and went before you even had enough time to catch up on the news. Now people are stuck wondering if it will ever be back. So far, the company has yet to say if they will be restocking for a second time, but they do have some good news — similar highlight shades might be coming in the future. "Since ColourPop is such a 'fast fashion,' brand they will definitely roll out similar shades," the company said in an email to Bustle.

Churro, SOLD OUT,

That sounds to me like more tie-dye highlighters could be on the way, although we don't have the details. That would be pretty exciting news. Who knows if ColourPop will ask their fans for more shade favorites or just surprise people with a brand new hue. Honestly, you never know what the brand will do anymore, but either option would be great.

I think it's also important to note that Churro has yet to be taken off the ColourPop site. If it were gone for good, you'd think that they pull the image right then and there. The only reason that it came back for a second time is because people blew up social media about it. Maybe there's hope that the power of Twitter can work a second time too.

Whether it comes back or not, at least there is a little bit of good news. ColourPop is always creating surprise products, so you just never know what will be next. Until then, I'll be crossing my fingers that they decide to make a permanent tie-dye highlight sometimes soon!

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