Why Wasn’t Simone Biles In The Last Olympics?

by Taylor Ferber

Turns out, there can be a whole lot of power housed in a 4'9" body. If you have yet to allow the incredibly talented gymnast Simone Biles mesmerize you, let me to help you out. (Here's one video of her unreal abilities, for starters.) The 19-year-old Texan is the reigning three-time all-around World Gymnastic champ and 14-time Worlds medalist who's already broken history with her all-around US championship records. Even when you ditch the sports lingo, you'd still be amazed. But why didn't Biles compete in the London 2012 Summer Olympics? I have your answer, but first we need to celebrate.

On Monday, it was revealed that Biles will join fellow boss lady Gabby Douglas as an official member of USA's Olympic Women's Gymnastics team. Yes, Biles is headed to the Rio 2016 Olympic games next month, and I have a feeling she will slay all day. The incredibly dedicated gymnast spends 32 hours a week at the gym. (And I thought I was crushing it at five hours a week.)

She recently told SELF that she describes her style on the floor as "powerful" — which is true. But even on her journey to the Olympics, she seems to remain super down-to-earth, which is even more amazing. "I'm so excited to meet the other athletes, to enjoy the journey," she told the magazine. "I'm ready to embrace this moment and have fun with it." (I love her!)

So why wasn't this super cool, pint-sized powerhouse in the 2012 games? Well, it had nothing to do with being qualified physically — she just wasn't old enough. Biles was only 15 when the last Olympic games rolled around, and you have to be 16 to join as a gymnast. But, sports fan or not, you should be pretty pumped to watch her do her thing this year. Here's a little preview as to why:

She Effortlessly Spins In The Air Like This...

Ballerina meets superwoman.

...And Is The Sweetest Person Alive

If she goes missing from the trials, it's because I put her in my little pocket.

She Has Moves For Days

Look out, Bey.

She Sticks It Every Damn Time

Just another Tuesday afternoon, right, guys?

Her Final Pose Is An Art Form, Really

Mood always.

That Game Face Can't Be Taught

Me putting in my Taco Bell order.

She's Just An All-Around Graceful Badass

She did it first, Elsa.

The games can't come soon enough. Team USA, baby.

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