Edible Alcoholic Bubbles Are A Thing Now

In the gastronomy world, innovation is all about keeping and peaking people's interest — and what better way to accomplish that then by inventing edible alcoholic bubbles. The concept behind the new invention is pretty simple: mix your favorite drink with the scientifically developed non-toxic solution from Firebox, screw the lid back on the special bubble bottle they send, shake it, and you're ready to blow and eat bubbles. By combining what we all loved as kids, (trying to catch bubbles with our tongues) and what we love as adults, (alcohol), this should probably be your new entertaining must-have.

Of course, you can also add non-alcoholic favorites like soda inside, as long as your own liquid is thin enough it can be done. (Sorry to all those chocolate milk lovers out there, that is just too thick to work.)

In case you were afraid that these would be like the types of bubbles you played with as a kid, and thus poisonous when ingested, don't be afraid; this bubble formula was specifically created not to be toxic when swallowed and are totally safe to eat.

With each order you will be given a pack of six bottles that you can turn into your personal bubble factory, or you can be the greatest gift-giver on this side of the planet by getting this for a friend or family member that is in need of turning up. For some reason, my first thought was — wedding favors. Just imagine how fun the reception would get if everyone can use these bubbles at their leisure.

If you're looking to make your own, you can check out the video above or a variety of other videos on YouTube. I know I'm looking forward to being drunk off the most fun thing in the world! (I'll get back to you on how many bubbles that takes.)