Paparazzi Calls Suri Cruise Awful Name -- Is This Where We're At Now?

So, just so you're caught up, we're cursing at children now, just because their parents are famous. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri Cruise was called a brat and a bitch by the paparazzi when walking to the car with her mom. She is 7-years-old.

Is this where we are now? Sniping at children because, shocker, they don't like getting manhandled and stalked when walking with their mother?

It's plain and simple: children can't be bitches.

When the paparazzo called Suri a bitch, he must've forgotten what every other 7-year-old is like. They're super cute a lot of the time, funny and irreverent, but refuse them an ice cream or tell them no, and you've got a full meltdown on your hands. This isn't because they're entitled little snots who feel they have a god-given right to their own way, it's because they're semi-formed tiny people, and they're still learning how to behave and what's right and wrong. Let's not mistake a little foot-stomping and pouting for bitchiness, lest we end up looking like dumb bitches ourselves.

When battling her way towards the car, Suri apparently yelled "stop it!" to the crowd, as well as "get out of the way!" when her route to the car door was blocked. As an experienced babysitter, I can tell you nastier things have been said by 7-year-olds in friendly games of badminton. So why is that enough to deserve a photographer's vehement ire?

The fact is, at no point did Suri Cruise choose to be famous. She has famous parents who dress her well and take her out of the house, and that's why we are constantly inundated with pictures and news about her when Katie takes her shopping, or to the museum.

It's time to set the record straight: you can't go about calling children names because they don't want to help further your career. If an adult celebrity starts screaming and freaking out, judge accordingly, but children are not adults, even if they're famous. I seriously doubt we're all OK with belonging to a society that curses at children, so let's cool it a little bit, people. Put on your big boy pants and accept that sometimes, photographing celebrity babies is not worth the trouble and yes, Suri Cruise has temper tantrums like every other kid.

Deal with it.