Matthew McConaughey's 'True Detective' Finale Teaser Makes His Oscar Win Look Dull — VIDEO

While all eyes were focused on Matthew McConaughey's performance in Dallas Buyers Club Sunday night at the Academy Awards, he had another show on his mind — True Detective. Moments after winning the Oscar for Best Actor, McConaughey decided not to keep the future of his role on the show as much of a secret as the show's finale episode. The True Detective executive producer and actor revealed that he will not be returning for a second season as hard-hitting Detective Rust Cohle.

"I won't be back for Season 2. Season1 was finite," McConaughey told journalists in the Oscar press room just minutes after accepting the golden statue.

This shouldn't come as such a surprise, however. The series has been described as an "anthology" with a changing plot line and cast for every season. So, it seems only logical that we will not be seeing McConaughey for another season, regardless of how much acting gold he may bring to the performance.

If anything, his admittance makes us raise our eyebrows not to his return but to the return of the show as a whole. So far, it hasn't been announced as to whether or not we will see True Detective back again, but with its incredible success and critical acclaim—the ratings have increased since it's debut and it marked HBO's largest drama debut since 2010—our bet is on yes.

While we begin to mourn McConaughey's departure from the show, at least we have one more episode in Season 1 to quench our Detective Cohle thirst. To tide us over until next Sunday, HBO released a preview of the finale episode for us to bite down on.

While the preview is 35 seconds of fade outs, shadows, and overall confusion, we can gather a few hints of where the final episode may lead in terms of plot. The preview plays on small details rather than major concepts, most notably with an eerie voice with an accent stating that "it's been weeks since [he] left his mark." Will this weekend's finale end with another murder? Only time will tell. Until then, you can occupy your time waiting for answers by analyzing this preview teaser:

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