Who's In The Fatal Five Alliance On 'Big Brother 18'? They Could Make A Huge Impact

It's been five seasons since a woman has won the top spot on Big Brother and walked away with the $500,000 grand prize. Many other women have come very close, like the near-perfect game of BB17's Vanessa and BB15's GinaMarie, but since BB14, every season has had a male winner. While there are some strong male competitors in BB18, this season seems poised to finally bring the reality series another female winner, especially thanks to a key alliance. Five houseguests have joined forces to form the "Fatal Five" on Big Brother 18 and they have a plan to win.

The Fatal Five is the second major all-women alliance to form this season, with Bronte, Natalie, and Bridgette also creating the Spy Girls Alliance. The remaining women are all part of the massive 8-pack alliance that controls the house. Those houseguests may already be controlling the house, but they've started thinking about their long game and considering who they'll need to stick with to ensure that a woman wins this season of Big Brother. These five houseguests have broken off on their own from the 8-pack (which they are still a part of as far as the guys know) and are planning on making sure they bring the Fatal Five the final five. Here's which houseguests are in this promising alliance.


Nicole started BB18 off strong by managing to win the first HoH competition and get rid of her biggest enemy in the house, Jozea. She has put herself on a leadership position in the house and has a huge target on her back for targeting the newbies, but her ability to gain people's trust and work with others makes her a valuable asset to any alliance.


Tiffany came into the house with a huge secret: She's the sister of BB17 mastermind Vanessa Rousso. While Vanessa's shadow looms awfully large over Tiffany, she has still managed to make a name for herself as a smart player on BB18. Tiffany has spent her time working to position herself alongside powerful people. If she is anything like Vanessa, then the Fatal Five has a powerful player on their side — a player so powerful that she may just end up getting them all evicted so that she stands alone.


It's a blessing that Da'Vonne was brought back to Big Brother after only making it to Week 2 of BB17. Da'Vonne has learned her lesson from BB17 and spent BB18 keeping a low profile and allowing others to do her dirty work for her. She proved that she can be incredibly influential by pulling Zakiyah over to the 8-pack from the newbie side of the house, and lying to Jozea and Paul's faces for the entire week before Jozea's eviction. Da'Vonne is making the most of her second chance, and her involvement with the Fatal Five could be a huge part of her possible victory.


Michelle hasn't been doing much in Big Brother so far other than ensuring that she's in the right rooms at the right times. Michelle is still something of a mystery, as she hasn't made herself apparent as either a competition beast or an especially adept social player, but what she is is a BB superfan. On the live feeds, Michelle frequently references going on Reddit and claims to be a contributor to the r/bigbrother subreddit. Michelle's knowledge of the game, as well as the returning houseguests, could give her an upper hand as the game goes on. For right now, it seems that her most important skill is being another number for the Fatal Five.


Zakiyah may not be making big moves yet in the game, but she's certainly making smart ones. Once she realized her friendship with Paul and Jozea was akin to being on a sinking ship, she jumped overboard and allowed herself to be taken under Da'Vonne's wing. Da'Vonne brought Zakiyah into the 8-pack and eventually the Fatal Five alliance, but Zakiyah has still been managing to place connections outside of the alliance for her own benefit. She has been seen getting very cozy with Paulie, and still has connections with Paul and some of the other newbies. Zakiyah is working to play both sides so that she always has someone on her side, which is a smart strategy, but will it pay off?

The Fatal Five consists of five strong, unique personalities with a love of the the game and even some previous Big Brother experience. As a part of the majority alliance in the house, their long-term plan seems obvious: Get rid of the newbies in the house that make up the minority alongside the 8-pack, then eliminate the men of the 8-pack and from then on fight it out amongst the remaining Fatal Five. However, all of that presumes that everything in the Big Brother house goes according to plan, which is so very often not the cast. If the Fatal Five wants to make it to the end, they need to stay vigilant, stay loyal to each other, and always expect the unexpected.

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