What's In The Chrisspy x Quay Collection? Here's What Sunglasses You Should Shop — PHOTOS

What better excuse do you need to buy a new pair of sunglasses than the extreme mid-summer sun and a post-Fourth of July hangover? Makeup artist and YouTube superstar Chrisspy's sunglass collaboration with Quay eyewear (pronounced "Key") launched in April, and has been sharing the collection all over her social media for the last few months.

The collection includes three different metallic lenses in blue and rose gold, and range in price from $53 to $65. All of the styles are oversized and reflective, so they're perfect for days when you just want to roll out of bed and throw on a pair of sunglasses without having to worry about what you look like underneath. The best part about a makeup artist's collaboration with a sunglass company? She has tons of advice for what kind of lipstick to pair the shades with on days when you actually have time to put some on.

The glasses are selling out all over the Internet (including on Quay's own website), but there are a few places you can still buy them online —if you're anything like me and lost your favorite pair of glasses at a Fourth of July barbecue, now's the perfect time to shop the collection.

Hurry up before they're all sold out!

1. JetLag

JetLag's big, round rose gold lenses are perfect for exactly what the name implies — covering your face when you're jet lagged and exhausted (hopefully you have at least one summer trip that will leave you feeling that way!). They're for the girl on the go who still wants to look fashionable — even after a terrible night's sleep.

2. Mila

These sporty blue and tortoise shell specs are Chrisspy's favorite pair in the collection, mainly because they're so big she can hide behind them when she leaves the house with no makeup on. A fun fact about the Mila's — they're named after Chrisspy's best friend's new baby!

3. Gemini

The Gemini's are the smallest shades in the collection, and have rose gold lenses and either pink or black metal frames (they're the only pair in the line that come in two colors!). They're ultra-reflective, and the classic cat eye gives them a feminine feel.

Want to learn more about Chrisspy's inspiration for her collection? Take a look at the

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Images: Chrisspy/Instagram