Early Signs That 'GG's Lorelai & Luke Were OTP

For some fans, the fact that Luke and Lorelai were always gong to end up together at some point in Gilmore Girls was obvious from the start. As the characters who exchanged the first words of the show, it was obvious that their connection — and their closeness — was going to be one of the many threads that ran through the heart of the series. But, it wasn’t always clear throughout all seven seasons that these two lovebirds were going to end up together. As they fought, flirted, and filled each other’s cups of coffee (or, at least, Luke supplied Lorelai with coffee), there weren’t always a ton of signs that Gilmore Girls' Luke and Lorelai would be endgame by the time the series finally came to a close — especially when both characters were dating other people and were invested entirely in their individual lives. As much as we may have wanted it to happen, there were definitely stretches of time where their relationship seemed to be on its way out the door.

But, those of us who have been and always will be Luke and Lorelai diehards definitely noticed at least a few signs that these two were made for each other, even at the very beginning of the show. Whether it was subtle clues from the first episode or more romantic gestures that defined their time together, to me, it was at least hinted from very early on that Luke and Lorelai were going to go far in the series. It may have taken some fans a little bit longer to come around to the idea, but with all of these clues lined up in front of you, it’s hard to deny that these two were destined to be together forever, even from the very start.

1. When She Helped Him Makeover His Diner

In Season 1, it was Lorelai who helped Luke give his diner a nice facelift after years of holding on to its hardware store roots. And even though the gesture was small, the fact that they flirted their way through it made it all the more apparent that there was something between them more than just friendship.

2. When He Took Care Of Her Family

The people who are there for you in a crisis are the people are going to be there for a lifetime. So, when Luke was the one who took Lorelai to the hospital when her father had a heart attack, it was a sure sign that he was the kind of guy Lorelai would want to keep around for good.

3. When Luke’s Fiancé Left Him Because He Was Obviously In Love With Lorelai

Sometimes other people can see it so much better than the person who is actually involved. And, when Luke’s fiancé called off their engagement, it was so obvious that his closeness with Lorelai had something to do with it.

4. Lorelai’s Pregnancy Dream

The mother of meaningful dreams, this one. In it, basically, Lorelai woke up pregnant with Luke’s baby, and found him making her breakfast in her kitchen. Simple — but also a huge sign that she subconsciously knew she could not only find happiness with Luke, but that happiness with him was something that she really wanted.

5. When He Met All Of Her Needs — Or, At Least, The Ones That Mattered The Most

Her need for coffee, that is. As Lorelai’s main supplier of caffeine and greasy foods, Luke meets her emotional needs in more ways than just one.

6. When Luke Loved Rory Like His Own Daughter

It was clear pretty early on in the series: From the very start, Luke loved Rory like she was his own daughter. Even if it started with meals at the diner and a place to study other than home, it was an early sign that these two were definitely going to end up together.

7. When Luke Put Rory’s Well-Being Above Jess’

Remember that time Jess crashed Rory’s car? Instead of defending his nephew against Lorelai and her maternal panic, Luke put Rory first and punished Jess for being such an imbecile with someone like Rory. It was a sign that, even back then, Luke wanted what was best for Rory and for Lorelai.

8. When He Built Her An Ice Skating Rink

This was the moment, wasn’t it? It wasn’t exactly early on, but when Lorelai came home to find her front yard covered in an ice skating rink that Luke had designed for her, I don’t think there were doubts in any viewer's minds that these two were definitely meant to be together until the very end.

9. The Fact That The First Scene Is One That They Share Together

If I know anything about writing, it is this: Beginnings matter. So the fact that Luke and Lorelai share the first words of the series means a lot. Everything that matters in a story should be right there in the beginning — and, for this series, everything that mattered was.

10. When He Proposed In The First Season

Sure, it was just to shut her up, but it made my heart go pitter-patter.

11. The Time They Almost Kissed

It was a moment that they both missed, but when the two of them were painting Luke’s Diner in Season 1, their first kiss almost happened. Thankfully, these two had plenty more opportunities to lock lips in the future — ones that they actually took.

12. The Santa Burger

When Lorelai is uninvited from her parents’ Christmas party, Luke makes her a Santa burger to cheer her up. That’s right: A burger in the shape of Santa. Clearly, this man knows that the way to Lorelai Gilmore’s heart is through her stomach.

13. When Lorelai Kept The Chuppah Luke Built For Her Wedding To Another Guy

Some may say the fact that Luke made Lorelai the chuppah in the first place was reason enough to think these two would end up together forever. And yeah, it may have been. But, honestly, I think the fact that Lorelai kept this obvious reminder of her almost-marriage to another guy in her yard for years to come is an even more obvious sign of their destiny. I mean, who would keep something like that around unless it came from the guy she wanted to keep around?

It was clear from the very start: These two were meant for each other, even if it took them seven seasons and a revival nine years later to realize it.

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