Does This Mean The Wedding Isn't Luke's On 'GG'?

The Gilmore Girls revival hints just keep on coming! And this time around — thanks to the glorious tool that is social media — it's the members of the cast themselves that are certainly not holding back when it comes to spreading the rumors. In the latest Twitter posts from Scott Patterson (who plays Luke Danes on the show) and Milo Ventimiglia (who plays Jess Mariano on the show), the boys aren't only showing the Luke, Kirk, and Jess reunion you never knew you were missing, but they're also showing only two of the three boys wearing suits — Luke and Kirk. And, considering all of the wedding speculation circling around, Luke's suit can mean so much for Luke and Lorelai romance shippers. However, at the same time, these new behind-the-scenes on-set photos say so much about the futures of both the characters and Stars Hollow itself. Because, while it's just a wardrobe choice, Luke in a suit could mean so much. Seriously, the possibilities are not as clear cut as you might think.

First of all, considering that a Gilmore Girls revival wedding is more likely than not happening, it's seems highly likely that these photos could have been taken during the filming process for those coveted scenes. And, in regards to whose wedding it is that Luke is getting all dressed up for, well there are two possibilities: His own wedding, or Kirk's wedding.

That's right. This photo technically could be the behind-the-scenes nervous moment right before Luke finally heads to the altar to say "I do" to Lorelai. *Swoon*

However, there's also a chance that things might not be going exactly as fans may have planned. Instead, this could be a behind-the-scenes look at the boys from right before Kirk was going to head to the alter and say "I do" to long-time girlfriend Lulu (which is still super sweet). Either way you have to admit that seeing the boys in suits totally gives you butterflies in your stomach.

But, how could it be Kirk's wedding?! Not only would it make perfect sense for Kirk to be marrying Lulu, but considering that Jess is not wearing a suit, it almost seems like this way around would be more plausible than Lorelai and Luke. First off, Kirk doesn't exactly have a lot of friends. So, who would he realistically put in his wedding party? Luke, who he always visits at the diner and seeks dating advice from! As for Jess? Well, it would make sense that Jess wasn't in his wedding party. In fact, it would make sense if Jess didn't even show up to the wedding at all in that case. But, if it was Luke getting married to Lorelai? Well, I don't see him making Kirk a groomsman. And I also don't see Jess skipping out on dressing up for the occasion.

Of course, perhaps there could be other reasons why the boys in town would be wearing suits sans Jess. In fact, with both Luke and Kirk being staples within the working Stars Hollow community, it is also possible that there's some kind of town-wide catering event or other (non-wedding) big party they need attend to. You just never know what kind of crazy this town could be up to! Just sayin'.

However, all-in-all, I'm pretty sure that Scott Patterson and Milo Ventimiglia knew what they were doing by strategically posting those behind-the-scenes pics to their Twitter accounts. Because they definitely know about the wedding speculation — and they sure did get us fans talking. All we have to do now is keep on holding out for our next clue.

The Gilmore Girls four-part mini-series revival is set to hit Netflix sometime later this year.

Images: Warner Bros. Television