Who Is General William Cogswell On 'Tyrant'? Chris Noth's Character Is Similar To 'The Good Wife's Peter

It seems like CBS' The Good Wife just wrapped up its run, but already the critically acclaimed drama series' stars have moved onto other projects. Executive producers Robert and Michelle King have a new series on CBS called Brain Dead, airing this summer, and Chris Noth has joined Tyrant Season 3, which premieres on FX this Wednesday at 10 p.m. According to Deadline, Noth plays General William Cogswell on Tyrant , an American military leader who returns to the fictional country of Abbudin to advise new President Bassam "Barry" Al-Fayeed (played by Adam Rayner), but he too has been romantically involved with Leila (played by Moran Atias).

Noth told Parade that he almost didn't take the role, because he wanted to stay close to his family, but ultimately, he loved how different Tyrant seemed from The Good Wife. "The separation from the family at this point in my life, and at this point in [Noth's son's] schooling, wasn’t pleasing to me, but after doing The Good Wife for seven years, this show had felt exotic, exhilarating and very brave," he told the magazine. "This was far off the map from The Good Wife; the world was so different."

Though Noth is right that Tyrant and The Good Wife are very different, it seems like there are some similarities between Gen. William Cogswell and his character on The Good Wife, Peter Florrick.

They're Both Powerful

Peter Florrick on The Good Wife served as both State's Attorney and Governor of Illinois. On Tyrant, Noth will play a powerful general with influence and he will advise Bassam, according to Deadline.

They Both Have Rocky Marriages

Throughout The Good Wife, Peter and his wife, Alicia, kept trying to patch things up after his affairs were exposed. According TV Insider, Tyrant's William will be unhappy in his marriage and may be looking to stray in Season 3.

They Both Have Complicated Romances

In The Good Wife, Peter had a romantic history that included sex workers and sleeping with investigator Kalinda Sharma. Tyrant's William will be attracted to Jamal's wife Leila, according to TV Insider, and Deadline reported the two will have shared a past.

They're Both Complicated

During the run of The Good Wife, there was always a question of how honorable Peter actually was. According to Deadline, William on Tyrant will have some idiosyncrasies of his own that will be revealed.

They're Both Ambitious

After every election win, The Good Wife's Peter was always looking toward his next ascension to power, probably aiming toward running for president. As for Tyrant, William is supposed to mirror Leila, according to TV Insider. “We were looking to cast a powerful leading man, every bit the match for Leila, who, like him, is competent, devious and ambitious," exec producer Christopher Keyser told the website.

They Both Have Secrets

No matter how honest Peter on The Good Wife seemed to be, it always seemed like he was hiding something. According to Deadline, William on Tyrant will be hiding some facets of his personality for a bit.

So while The Good Wife and Peter may be gone, Noth will continue the spirit of the character in a whole new world on Tyrant.