Where Are Ciara & Russell Wilson Getting Married? It Seems The Couple Is Having A Destination Wedding

If you've been following Ciara and Russell Wilson's love story, you know that their romance has moved pretty fast —and why should you wait if you're as in love as these two? They reportedly started seeing each other last April, and rumors are spreading that the happy couple is about to tie the knot very, very soon. So, where are Ciara and Wilson getting married? If rumors and recent photos are to be believed, the lovebirds are set to marry in England this week. TMZ snapped photos of a pre-wedding event taking place in Liverpool, England on Tuesday, July 5.

According to TMZ, Ciara and Wilson will be married by the weekend, and the site reported 100 of their closest friends and family members flew in for the rehearsal dinner on July 5. E! News also also reported that the rehearsal dinner happened at Stanley's Bar and Grill at the beautiful Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, and all I have to say after looking at the photos of the restaurant, is that Ciara and her man have some very expensive tastes.

After the first initial pap shots, fans assumed the two were already getting married because Ciara was wearing a gorgeous, cream colored halter dress and Wilson, a suit, but multiple outlets reported that it was just their pre-wedding dinner.

So, as for the question of where the wedding will actually happen, I would think it would also be in Liverpool, and perhaps even at the same Titanic Hotel. One look at the hotel's official website shows that it offers wedding services, and it seems appropriate, given that TMZ said insiders shared that "the actual wedding will go down in a day or two with a castle-like backdrop." The exterior and interior of the hotel certainly looks castle-like and the couple's friend Kelly Rowland posted a photo on Instagram that seems to show off her room at the hotel, so something must be going on nearby, if not at the hotel itself:

Sources close to E! News gave insight into the mood and happenings of the rehearsal dinner, and it already seems like a beautiful ceremony is in order. Sources said,

"The rehearsal dinner was beautiful. Ciara and Russell couldn't keep their hands off of each other... The love was strong in the room. Russell and Ciara said a few words to their guest thanking them for coming to Liverpool for this special occasion. Kelly Rowland and Lala [Vasquez] were helping Ciara before hand get ready and haven't left her side."

Two weeks ago, Ciara and a few of her girlfriends had a girl's trip to Las Vegas, which we now know was probably a bachelorette party. Ahh! It's really happening. It looks like Ciara and Wilson are getting married in England by the end of this week, and I wish this beautiful couple all the love and luck in the world.