Kurt Cobain's Ex-Roommate Is Selling His Stuff on Craigslist & the Ad Is Just the Worst

In "Oh, brother" news of the day, a Seattlite who claims to be a former roommate of Kurt Cobain is selling the late Nirvana frontman's old stuff on Craigslist. Not eBay. Not any charity of sorts. Just a regular ole Craigslist ad by some dude who is trying to make money and find people to have jams with. So you know, it's totally legit.

The current items up for grabs are a pair of skis, a Swatch phone, and a Kingman video game. According to the seller, "... i have pictures of kurt with some of it and i have som friends that will talk to you that will say that this is kurts stuff." Considering the contents of the ad and the "legitimacy" of the seller, they are either totally Cobain's or a stolen prop box from the set of Clueless when Cher was running the Pismo Beach Disaster Relief Collection.

It’s been well over 20 years since Cobain passed away and yet there are still flannel-clad schemers out there trying to capitalize on Cobain’s namesake. Not only is the ad completely baffling in its grammar and laid back approach to selling a deceased artist’s personal items, “Hey Seattle what's up, I used to live with Kurt Cobain back in the 90s...” — but the guy even goes so far as to insult Courtney Love in the process. This guy. I can’t even.

If you want to do something better than giving your money to him, I’d recommend making a donation to Autism Speaks, for which Cobain’s bandmate and all-around good dude Dave Grohl is a major supporter.

And since Grohl was so close to Cobain, we have a feeling he’s probably just as baffled, if not more, by this insane ad. Here’s a batch of the absolute worst things this Craigslist guy said, then a reaction from Dave Grohl. Let's dig in.

"alot of people have asked, i played bass for a short time in gruntruck back in the 90s"

"He owed us rent and said he would get the box when he came back and gave us money but he never came back, then when he was famous he never really talked to any of us again because courtney never liked us but she's a dick so no hard felings. "

"i was in some very popular bands back then but now i am not playing any music anymore, but if anybody reading this wants to jam, let me know heh heh."

"some of this stuff is pretty historical as he was using it whem he was signing his first record contracts, like the phone i know i think he used to talk on the phone to people in LA. that is why it is expensive."

"the Swatch phone is a twin phone which means that two people can talk on it at the same time, i remember in the commercials that two people would talk on it at the same time, like a girl would listen in while the other girl was talking, it is in really good condition and is $55."

Images: DGC