This Map Is Perfect For London Harry Potter Fans

If recent drops in airfare costs have you considering a trip to the Land of Tea and Crumpets before it leaves the E.U., I've got one map you absolutely must pack. Sure, Google Maps is great, but it won't help you tour London's Harry Potter locations, now will it?

Brexit aside, the U.K. really isn't all that dim, especially when it comes to capitalizing on J.K. Rowling's bestselling books and their blockbuster film adaptations. Take a trip to King's Cross Station, and you'll find Platform Nine-and-Three-Quarters clearly marked for all your photography pleasures.

There are guided tour options available for those who are so inclined, but trust me, the map below has all the information you need to plan your own tour of London's Harry Potter locations. Time Out London teamed up with Pottermore to create a comprehensive guide to 15 book and movie locations scattered around the city. These include:

  • Charing Cross Road, where the Leaky Cauldron hides
  • London Zoo Reptile House, in which Harry accidentally frees a large python in the film version
  • Australia House, which served as the movies' stand-in for Gringotts Wizarding Bank
  • St. Paul's Cathedral, whose geometric staircase starred as the passage to Professor Trelawney's classroom

Which of London's Harry Potter locations are you most excited to visit? Let's talk on Twitter!

Images: Warner Bros.; Courtesy of Time Out London and Pottermore