Summer In The '90s Vs. Summer In 2016

by Megan Grant

Summer sure looks different now than it used to, doesn't it? Today, we have fancy iced coffee drinks, thong bathing suits, and Instagram documentation of your every move, whereas when I was a kid? Well, let's just say that summer in the '90s versus summer in 2016 shows that a lot of things have certainly changed in the intervening years. When I was a wee one, summer was about playing outside all day long and being constantly entertained. As an adult, when I think of summer, I start concocting a master plan that involves never having to change out of my pajamas or leave the house. I guess you could say my idea of fun has changed juuuuuust a bit.

In fact, the perfect summer day to me today is maybe 20 minutes at the pool (any longer and my hair gets sweaty), followed by a few hours buried in a good book dressed in comfy pants, a baggy t-shirt, and definitely no bra. Bras are anti-summer. Screaming children happily playing outside make my skin crawl, even though I spent many a day as a young one being a screaming child happily playing outside myself. Why are they not inside playing on their smartphones? Isn't that what kids do these days? Rude!

But while I undoubtedly miss the summers of my childhood, I can't say I don't love the summer season now, too. I mean, it's summer. Generally we're all happier in the summer. And I'll bet I'm not the only one who's gone through these little transformations:

1. Pool Time Festivities

'90s: Let's set up the Slip 'N Slide. Hose that bad boy down.

Today: Let's spend an hour inflating my ridiculously giant swan. Tally-ho!

2. Tanning Expectations

'90s: Pass me the tanning oil. Bring on the awkward tan lines.

Today: Pass me the SPF 200. My neck is getting wrinkly.

3. Drink Of Choice

'90s: Capri Sun for the win!

Today: Is the fruit-infused peach mint goji jojoba water ready yet?

4. Wardrobe Picks

'90s: Cut-off shorts with iron-on patches. Heck and yes.

Today: Rompers for daaaaaaaaaaays.

5. Celebrity Idols

'90s: Britney Spears in her pigtails and fluffy hair accessories.

Today: Miley Cyrus in her g-string and grill.

6. Pool Party Musical Selections

'90s: I like the color purple, macaroni and cheese.

Today: My mama don't like you, and she likes everyone.

7. Summer Crushes

'90s: Nick Lachey is bae.

Today: Nick Lachey is still bae.

8. Hair Inspiration

'90s: Crimped, glitter gel, and about a dozen butterfly clips.

Today: Rose gold ombre something something something.

9. Vacation TV Marathons

'90s: Nickelodeon when the parents were home — Real World when they were away.

Today: OITNB. End of story.

10. Outdoor Playtime

'90s: Skip-It, sidewalk chalk, and Moon Shoes.

Today: Yoga paddle boarding, because namaste.

Images: Walt Disney Pictures; Megan Grant/Instagram; Fotolia; Giphy (9)