11 Epic Pieces Of '90s Boy Band Apparel

Twenty years ago, it was a brave new world full of boy bands. Pretty boys with questionable song lyrics, and even more questionable hair choices were everywhere, and you'd do anything to show your allegiances. Heck, you'd give up your favorite American Girl doll for certain '90s boy band apparel — that's just how important it was.

There was nothing quite like an NSYNC T-shirt or Backstreet Boys pencil toppers to reveal your true colors as a fan. When it came down to it, you could even customize stuff — heck, the girl I shared a desk with back in second grade had "Mrs. Nick Lachey" written in hearts all over her homeroom notebook (it was long before Jessica Simpson came on to the scene).

While One Direction is pretty great, there's simply no comparing them to the boy bands of old. I think it's safe to say that the was the defining era of that particular genre of music (and likewise, the rabidity of their fan base). I still remember the days when they first started playing "MMMBop" on Radio Disney — it was a different time. So, keeping in mind all of that '90s boy band nostalgia, let's take a look at some of the boy band apparel you would have died to wear back in the day.

1. Backstreet Boys T-Shirt

Vintage Backstreet Boys T-Shirt, $30, Etsy

Check out those giant red flowers, though.

2. NSYNC Backpack

90s NSYNC Clear Vintage Book Bag, $12, Etsy

Everyone knows clear mini-backpacks were the shit.

3. Aaron Carter T-Shirt

Aaron Carter T-Shirt, $18, Etsy

Who would have guessed that Aaron Carter was only two years older than Taylor Swift?

4. Justin Timberlake Mini-Dress

Denim Cargo Minidress, $44, Etsy

Pair with a tattoo choker as shown above, and you'll officially be the most '90s person in any given room.

5. NSYNC Vintage Tour T-Shirt

NSYNC Vintage Tour T-Shirt, $40, Ebay

Look how high Joey Fatone can kick. That should come in handy for his new zombie movie.

6. Backstreet Boys Mini Buttons

Backstreet Boys Mini Buttons, $20, Amazon

Completely worth the $20, IMHO.

7. Nirvana/Hanson Parody Shirt

Nirvana/Hanson Parody Shirt, $16, Etsy


8. NSYNC Necklace

NSYNC Necklace, $11, Etsy


9. I Want It That Way Bracelets

I Want It That Way Friendship Bracelets, $10, Etsy

If you could look at this without singing along the lyrics, you're a stronger woman than I am.

10. NSYNC T-Shirt

NSYNC T-Shirt, $14, Etsy


11. Justin Timberlake Earrings

Justin Timberlake Stud Earrings, $10, Etsy

And last but not least? The perfect accessory for any outfit.